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L&S News – May 2011

Elyssa Lockington, Alexander Washburn, Tom Mitchell and Ryan Peyer, English

The Virginia Burke Writing Contest honors outstanding achievement of UWM's first-year writing students. The 2011 winners are Elyssa Lockington, Alexander Washburn, Tom Mitchell & Ryan Peyer. Read their winning essays.

Meica Magnani and Crystal Plahuta, Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy awarded the 2011 Richard Peltz prizes to graduate student Meica Magnani and senior Crystal Plahuta. The award is based on philosophical essays, and Ms. Magnani and Ms. Plahuta each received a Certificate of Recognition and $100.

Student Accessibility Center Awards

Jonathan Hanes (teaching assistant, Geography),Mark Mantyh (senior lecturer, Sociology), and Sueyon Seo (associate lecturer, Japanese) all received excellence awards from the Student Accessibility Center. These awards are given for demonstrated on-going awareness and sensitivity to students with unique needs.

Anita Manogaran, Office of Undergraduate Research

Prions are associated with a number of neurological diseases. A research article on prions by Anita Manogaran from the Office of Undergraduate Research, Prion Formation and Polyglutamine Aggregation Are Controlled by Two Classes of Genes, was recently published by PLoS Genetics.

Michael Z. Newman, Journalism and Mass Communication

Michael Z. Newman (Journalism and Mass Communication) has a new book coming out in June on indie films in America.

Christopher C. Quinn, Biological Sciences)

Christopher C. Quinn (biological sciences) was awarded the prestigious Shaw Scientist Award from the Greater Milwaukee James D. and Dorothy Shaw Fund. The award helps young scientists at UWM or UW-Madison at the start of their research careers in biochemistry, biological sciences or cancer.

Jeffrey Karron, Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences Associate Professor Jeffrey Karron has been appointed the North American Editor of Annals of Botany, the leading research journal for plant reproductive biology.

Margaret Fraiser, Geosciences

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Margaret Fraiser (Geosciences) for receiving the Teaching Excellence Award from the UWM Alumni Association.