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L&S News - September 2011

Reinhold Hutz, Biological Sciences

Future advances in medical care start with the type of research being conducted in the laboratory of Reinhold Hutz. In the only research of its kind in the United States, Professor Hutz and graduate student Jeremy Larson are studying the toxicity of gold nanoparticles in the female reproductive tract. The road is long and complex, but the outcomes from this type of research have implications for future drug development, potentially involving a treatment made of nanoparticles that targets specific types of cancerous cells. Read more about the nanoparticle research at

Abbas Ourmazd, Peter Schwander and Chun Hong Yoon, Physics

Imagine you take 5,000 vacation pictures. It would be a daunting task to sort through them to delete the blurry and off-center ones. Now imagine you are performing ground-breaking research, taking millions of images of viruses and protein nanocrystals using the world's most powerful X-ray laser. Researchers Abbas Ourmazd, Peter Schwander and Chun Hong Yoon are part of an 80 person, collaborative team that includes SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory scientists from the Linac Coherent Light Source and the PULSE Institute for Ultrafast Energy Science. Applying mathematical algorithms, scattering physics theory and information theory, Dr. Ourmazd and his UWM colleagues found patterns of correlation that can be effectively used to sort the large amount of data being collected with 90 percent agreement as compared to a manual sort by a human. They estimate that a million snapshots can be sorted in less than 10 hours with this technique. The full story is available on the SLAC website.

Amelia Mercado ('11 English) and Megan Corby ('13 Chemistry)

Amelia and Megan both received first place awards in the UW-System Liberal Arts Essay Competition. Amelia's essay was titled "No, Seriously, What Are You Going To Do With That Degree?" and Megan wrote "I Chose Well." Read their essays at:

Roger NewmanConstitution Day

Constitution Day was celebrated on campus on Tuesday, September 13th. At 1:00 pm, a Constitution trivia game was played and at 3:00, Roger Newman from Columbia University spoke to a large group of students on "Civil Liberties, Surveillance and Terrorism."

Brice Smith (MA, English and PhD History)

Brice Smith is featured in the current issue of the Wisconsin Gazette. Brice is working on publishing a book on his dissertation subject, Lou Sullivan, a Milwaukee native and transgender activist. Brice is especially appreciative for the support of his advisor, Merry Wiesner-Hanks, and members of his dissertation committee, Rachel Buff and Joe Austin. Read the full story about his research and its influence on his life.

Newsweek, the Daily Beast and Fox 6

UWM has been named the 12th most gay-friendly campus in the United States. Watch the news coverage from Fox 6 or read the report in Newsweek.

Poets & Writers Magazine

The English Department's PhD program in Creative Writing was ranked Number 14 nationally in the 2012 survey just released by Poets & Writers Magazine, the leading journal in the field. Congratulations to the faculty, staff and students who work diligently to make the program a recognized success! Read about how the survey was conducted at the magazine's web site.

Milwaukee Business Journal

The College Connections program was featured in an article in the August 6th issue of the Milwaukee Business Journal. College Connection is a collaborative bachelor’s degree program between UW-Milwaukee and participating UW College campuses. Students can earn their bachelor’s degree from UWM, without ever leaving their local College campus. The first half (or more) of the degree is completed at the 2-year campus. Students then apply to UWM, and take the upper level courses leading to the bachelor’s degree through UWM, at the UW-College campus.