Criminal Background Checks - FAQs

Q: Who needs to have a criminal background check done?
A: New employees and persons who were last employed at UWM more than 1 year ago.

There are a few exceptions for Research Associates; please contact Linda Daley for more information. You can also read about possible exceptions – listed on page 2 of UWM's procedural guidelines.

Q: Where can I find the forms?
A: Please see ...

Q: What do I need to do first?
A: Please complete the top section of the form, including the name of your unit, your contact information, and the employee's title. Then you can e-mail the form to the prospective new employee.

Q: How can the employee submit the form for processing?
A: After signing the Applicant Consent form, the prospective employee can fax or e-mail the completed form to the College office. The fax and e-mail address is listed on the form.

Q: When does a criminal background check need to be completed?
A: If a letter of offer was sent out before the criminal background check was completed, the CBC should be completed as soon as possible after you receive the employee's signed acceptance letter. Ideally this CBC would be done well before the new employee relocates to Milwaukee to begin his/her employment.

Otherwise, please realize that if the Applicant Consent Form is submitted the week before the contractual period begins, it may take several weeks to get the results.

Q: If a new employee does not yet have a social security number, do I need to wait to process the Applicant Consent Form?
A: No.

Q: Do international TA's need to complete a criminal background check? Didn't they have to undergo a security check before they were issued a visa to enter the U.S.?
A: Yes, they do have to complete a criminal background check. Campus policy requires all new employees, including international TA's, to do so.