2010-2011 Employment for Internationals

This is a reminder that for international students to be employed spring, two conditions must occur:

  1. The individual is a continuing student
  2. The I-20 is still valid

If a student graduated or completed a degree in August 2010 or December 2010, then the employee is NOT automatically eligible for employment.

The (former) student must apply for and receive another status that allows them to work. Frequently, the student files for Optional Practical Training (OPT) that authorizes employment for one year after graduation and applies for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card (I-766). The prospective employee is not eligible to work until the card is received.

The Lincoln, Nebraska Service Center is processing OPT applications received 3 months earlier. Departments may need to arrange for another instructor to teach the class, if the former student has not obtained the EAD card by the start of classes.

Please contact Tanya Skrivseth at x6316 or tldepp@uwm.edu with any questions or concerns.