How to Hire a Limited Term Employee

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Background Information
How Do I Hire a LTE?
What steps are required once the LTE is hired?
  1. Background Information
    1. What is a Limited Term Employee (LTE)? Limited Term Employees (LTEs) are intended to fill temporary positions. They can be hired to fill positions in offices, in research labs, and in the field. For more information about LTE appointments, please see
    2. How many hours may an LTE work at UWM?

      A LTE is limited to working no more than 1,043 hours per year in one appointment.

    3. What do I need to know about benefits for LTEs?

      Limited Term Employees are paid only for actual hours worked. They do not qualify for paid leave time (such as legal holidays) and are not entitled to "make up" time for days when the university is closed (for example, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).

      Generally, Limited Term Employees do not qualify for benefits.

      For LTEs working on grants and RGI funds, please consult the Graduate School for information about fringe benefit rates. Your budget will be charged the cost of both salary and fringes at the rates listed below, regardless of the costs for an individual employee.

      The Graduate School's information about rates is available at:

  2. How Do I Hire a LTE?
    1. Complete the L&S Request for Non-Instructional Recruitment Form and submit it with Supervisor and Department Chair signatures to Craig Wesley, Assistant Dean (
    2. Send a position description of the position, along with the LTE Recruitment Form to Craig Wesley, who will discuss with you the appropriate title, salary, duration of appointment, and funding source. Please specify the minimum qualifications you seek and how you would like candidates to apply (e.g., to send a resume).
    3. You may screen candidates by a resume review and/or phone interview and then invite a few candidates (3-4) to campus for a personal interview. Please be sure to check references before selecting a final candidate. For help with reference questions, please contact Craig Wesley.
    4. Once you have chosen a finalist, please have the candidate complete the Applicant Consent and Disclosure form for a criminal background check; have the applicant send the form to the College so that a criminal background check can be completedcheck; have the applicant send the form to the College ( so that a criminal background check can be completed if required. Information about criminal background checks and the applicable form can be found at
    5. The College will notify the hiring unit after the criminal background check has been completed. At that time, you may discuss a start date with the candidate.
      NOTE: If you plan to hire a foreign national, please contact Tanya Skrivseth at to discuss whether the candidate is legally allowed to work in the US.
    6. At the time of hire, please complete and sign the following forms:
      For all new LTE appointments:

      If the individual has not worked for UWM within the last year, these documents are also required:

    7. Payroll

      Please ensure that you provide the LTE with instructions on how to complete the online timesheet.

      If you need assistance with payroll issues, please contact Lisa Switalski ( or x4916) in the College Business Office.
  3. What steps are required once the LTE is hired?
    1. You will receive two copies of the LTE Request Report form after the appointment has been approved by Human Resources. Please keep one copy for your records and provide the second copy to the LTE hire for his/her personal records; please be sure to attach the LTE Welcome Letter to the employee's copy. (A welcome letter sample is available at:
    2. Review and monitor hours worked so that the employee does not work more hours than authorized. In general, overtime for hours worked beyond 40 hours per week is not permitted. To access the College's overtime policy, please see:
    3. If you have questions about the terms of employment (for example, work schedules, extensions on employment dates and pay raises), please contact Craig Wesley ( or x5284).
    4. Complete the Staff Hire and Job Change form to notify the College office of the employee's last day of work, so that we can terminate the appointment. Please review the "Employee Departure checklist" to retrieve keys, assure the security of records and files, etc.

Last Updated: December, 2015