How can a two dimensional image show bumps and hollows?

Philosophy Colloquia

Fall 2014

Friday, September 26, 3:30pm

Edwin McCann, University of Southern California
"Amphibolizing Leibniz: Kant's Critical Discussion of Leibniz's Unifying Account of Unity"
Curtin Hall 175
Presented in conjunction with the Midwest Conference on Early Modern Philosophy, September 26-28.
Cosponsored with the UWM College of Letters and Science and the UWM Graduate School.

Friday, October 17, 3:30pm

Elijah Millgram, University of Utah
"Outsourcing the Mind: Extended Cognition and First-Person Authority"
Curtin Hall 175

Friday, November 14, 3:30pm

Ben Bradley, Syracuse University
"How Should We Feel About Death?"
Mitchell Hall 361

Friday, November 21, 3:30 pm

Anne W. Eaton, University of Illinois, Chicago
"A Sex-Positive Antiporn Feminism"
Mitchell Hall 361