Edward HinchmanEdward Hinchman

Associate Professor

Office: Curtin Hall 618
Phone: (414) 229-4719
Fax: (414) 229-5022
e-mail: hinchman@uwm.edu
Web Page: people.uwm.edu/hinchman


Ph.D. University of Michigan

Research Interests:

His current research addresses equally the nature of judgment and belief and the nature of intention. This work extends a longstanding project on the role of trust in epistemic and practical rationality.

Teaching Interests:

Teaches courses in epistemology, moral psychology, and the metaphysics of action and mind.

Refereed Publications:

"Assurance and Warrant," forthcoming in Philosophers' Imprint.

"Narrative and the Stability of Intention," forthcoming in European Journal of Philosophy.

"Assertion, Sincerity, and Knowledge," Noûs 47:4 (December 2013).

"Rational Requirements and 'Rational' Akrasia," Philosophical Studies 166:3 (December 2013).

"Reflection, Disagreement, and Context," American Philosophical Quarterly 49:2 (April 2012).

"Conspiracy, Commitment, and the Self," Ethics 120:3 (April 2010).

"Receptivity and the Will," Noûs 43:3 (September 2009).

"Advising as Inviting to Trust," Canadian Journal of Philosophy 35:3 (September 2005).

"Telling as Inviting to Trust," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 70:3 (May 2005).

"Trust and Diachronic Agency," Noûs 37:1 (March 2003).

Invited Publications:

"'What on Earth Was I Thinking?' How Anticipating Plan's End Places an Intention in Time", in Roman Altshuler and Michael Sigrist (eds), Time and the Philosophy of Action, (Routledge, forthcoming).

"Can Trust Itself Ground a Reason to Believe the Trusted?," in Abstracta, Special Issue VI (December 2012): A Symposium on Paul Faulkner's Knowledge on Trust.

"Review of Benjamin McMyler's Testimony, Trust, and Authority," in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (March 2012).