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Philosophy Faculty

Margaret Atherton, Distinguished Professor
History of Early Modern Philosophy

Miren Boehm, Associate Professor
Hume's Epistemology and Metaphysics, History and Philosophy of Science

William Bristow, Associate Professor
Kant and Nineteenth Century German Philosophy

Luca Ferrero, Associate Professor
Philosophy of Action, Practical Reasoning, Philosophy of Mind

Edward Hinchman, Associate Professor
Epistemology, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Language and Mind

Stan Husi, Assistant Professor
Ethics, Metaethics, Social & Political Philosophy, Moral Psychology

Stephen Leeds, Distinguished Professor
Philosophy of Science, Epistemology and Metaphysics

Michael Liston, Professor
Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics

Blain Neufeld, Associate Professor
Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Action

Robert Schwartz, Distinguished Professor
Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Pragmatism

Joshua Spencer, Assistant Professor
Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language

Richard J. Tierney, Associate Professor & Chair
Aristotle, History of Philosophy (Ancient and Modern), Logic, Metaphysics

Andrea Westlund, Associate Professor
Ethics, Moral Psychology, Feminist Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy

Philosophy Lecturers

Matthew Knachel, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Michelle Mahlik, M.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Nataliya Palatnik, Ph.D., Harvard University

Elizabeth Silverstein, Ph.D., University of California-Riverside

Kristen Tym, M.A. (Bioethics), Medical College of Wisconsin