Joshua Spencer

Joshua Spencer

Assistant Professor

Office: Curtin Hall 613
Phone: (414) 229-4719
Fax: (414) 229-5022
Web Page:


Ph.D., University of Rochester

Research Interests:

His research interests are primarily focused on topics in metaphysics and philosophy of language.

Teaching Interests:

He teaches metaphysics, philosophy of language and logic.


"Unnecessary Existents," Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2014)

"What time travelers cannot not do (but are responsible for anyway)," Philosophical Studies (2013)

"Strong Composition as Identity and Simplicity," Erkenntnis (2013)

"Ways of Being," Philosophy Compass (2012)

"Musical Materialism and the Inheritance Problem," (with Chris Tillman) Analysis (2012)

"All Things Must Pass Away," Oxford Studies in Metaphysics (2012)

"Semantic Stipulation and Knowledge De Re," (with Chris Tillman) Reference and Referring: Topics in Contemporary Philosophy Vol. 10 (2012)

"A Tale of Two Simples," Philosophical Studies (2010)

"Holes as Regions of Space-Time," (with Andrew Wake and Greg Fowler) The Monist (2007)

"Two Mereological Arguments against the Possibility of an Omniscient Being," Philo (2006)