Graduate Program in Philosophy

The department offers a two-year program leading to a Masters of Arts in Philosophy. We grant admission not only to students who have an undergraduate major in philosophy, but also to those who have concentrated in other fields. While the program is suitable for a variety of career paths, we have designed it especially to prepare students who want to pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy. We closely monitor students' progress and develop individualized courses of study to fill in background gaps. We also provide significant exposure to graduate seminars. Most of our graduating students win admission with financial support to high-quality Ph.D. programs, including some of the top programs in the field. For more detailed information look at our placement record.


The deadline to submit postmarked application materials for Fall 2015 admission is January 8, 2015. Materials may be submitted after this date, but late materials will delay the completion of your application file.

An application to the Philosophy M.A. Program requires:

  • A complete admission application with the UWM Graduate School, found online at This includes:
    • Online application
    • $56 processing fee
    • Official copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts
    • Reason for Graduate Study Statement (this is included in the online application)
    • Official GRE scores. UWM school code is R1473; Philosophy Department code is 2801.
    Items not completed online are to be sent directly to the UWM Graduate School.
    The Graduate School's Mailing Address is:
    UWM Graduate School
    P.O. Box 340
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-0340
    It is best to submit materials to the Graduate School ahead of the department deadline as they require extra time to process the materials before they forward them to the Philosophy Department.
  • International Students should contact UWM's Center for International Education for additional admissions requirements and should apply as early as possible because it takes more time for materials to be mailed from abroad.
  • Items to be sent directly to the Philosophy Department:
    • Three letters of recommendation from professors who know your work. We do not have forms for letter writers. Letters should be on official letterhead and mailed by the author directly to the philosophy department. UWM is not set up to receive letters electronically; they must be mailed.
    • Writing Sample (10-25 pages) (submission of this item may be waived in rare cases).
    • Copy of your Reason for Graduate Study Statement. One copy should be submitted to the Graduate School and another copy to the Philosophy Department.
    • Copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Official copies must be submitted to the Graduate School. Unofficial copies (including photocopies) are to be submitted to the Philosophy Department.

    These items should be mailed directly to the Philosophy Department. Items mistakenly sent to the Graduate School or Center for International Education can take up to several weeks or more to be forwarded to the Philosophy Department and can seriously delay the completion of your application file.

    The Department of Philosophy's Mailing Address is:

    for standard mail service:
    Graduate Admissions
    UWM Philosophy Department
    P.O. Box 413
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413
    for express mail service (FedEx, UPS, DHL):
    Graduate Admissions
    UWM Philosophy Department
    3243 N. Downer Avenue
    Curtin Hall, Room 612
    Milwaukee, WI 53211

Plan ahead to be sure all materials are received on time.

Please visit the Graduate School's Philosophy Program information to view the requirements for the MA in Philosophy.

Teaching Assistantships

A number of graduate teaching assistantships are available, offering full tuition remission and salaries of $7,813 for first year TA's and $7,901 for second year TA's. Normally, provided they make adequate progress toward the degree, students who enter with graduate teaching assistantships will have them for the full two years. All applicants are automatically considered for teaching assistantships. No special application form is needed.

Fellowships and Scholarships

There are also various fellowships and scholarships available. Below are descriptions of the awards:

  • Non-Resident Tuition Remission Scholarships remit the entire portion of the out-of-state tuition. These are normally for one year only but may be renewed subject to the approval of the dean. Eligible applicants are automatically considered for these awards.
  • Chancellor's Awards provide for a limited number of lump sum scholarships; the department can recommend a student for an award subject to final approval of the dean. No special application forms are needed, as all eligible applicants are automatically considered for these awards.
  • The Advanced Opportunity Program Fellowship is a one-year renewable fellowship which remits all tuition and awards a stipend of $15,000; the fellowship is to assist members of underrepresented groups and other disadvantaged students in graduate studies. The online application must be completed by January 16, 2015. Information and access to the online application can be found on the Graduate School's website
  • The department can recommend up to 2 students for a Distinguished Graduate School Fellowship. It is a competitive award but the department has a good record of securing fellowships for returning, 2nd year students. Generally, incoming students are not nominated for this award.

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To contact the director of graduate admissions, refer to our program administration page.