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Miren Boehm has been promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure starting in the 2015-2016 academic year.

Luca Ferrero has won a grant sponsored by the Templeton Foundation to participate in the UC Riverside run Immortality Project:

Blain Neufeld will be on sabbatical leave during the 2014-15 academic year. He will be a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto. While there, he plans to complete a number of papers on the nature of public reason, the relationship between freedom and egalitarianism, and the importance of the political liberties for a just society.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus William Wainwright is a recipient of the Ernest Spaights Plaza Awards. This is the highest honor the University bestows on any member of its community for having made significant and lasting contributions to UWM.

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Peltz Memorial Award Party 2014
Seidler Scholarship Party 2013
Peltz Memorial Award Party 2013
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Peltz Memorial Award Party 2012
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Farewell Party for Joan Weiner and Mark Kaplan 2002
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