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2014-15 UWM Science Bag

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Never Say Diagonal of the Covariance Matrix: 6 Things Scientists Can Learn From Science Journalists

Maggie Koerth-Baker, Freelance Science Journalist and Science Editor

When you talk about your research, do you feel like you're talking to yourself? Have you ever accidentally left a lay person more confused than they were before they met you? Does your left eye go twitchy every time a journalist calls? Communicating science is scary. Fortunately, the same lessons that turn cringe-worthy journalism into smart science reporting can help you do a better job of communicating your own work--whether directly to the public, or to journalists themselves. Don't freak out. Don't give up. Instead, come to this presentation.

Science Bag Talk, January 2015


  Marius Schmidt: "Secrets of the Egg White"


Science Bag Talk, March 2014


  Dilano Saldin: "The Path of Least Time and Other Optimal Paths"


Science Bag Talk, February 2013


Daniel Agterberg: "Today's Gadgets & Tomorrow's Energy: John Bardeen's Nobel Prizes"

Science Bag Talk, March 2011


Paul Lyman: "Strikes & Strokes: The Science of Golf & Baseball"

Science Bag Talk, February 2010

Marija Gajdardziska

Marija Gajdardziska

"Sliders, Gliders, Shapers: The Physics of Skiing"

Science Bag Talk, February 2009

picture:Jolien Creighton

Jolien Creighton: "A Survey of Spacetime?"