Focus on the search of gravitational waves through the study of pulsars using radio-astronomy and ultrahigh energy cosmic ray astronomy techniques.
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Interdisciplinary research involving subjects such as the characterization of biological tissues and imaging of proteins activity and interactions in living cells.
condensed matter

Condensed Matter

Discovering the properties and fundamental physics of materials.

gravitation and cosmology

Gravitation and Cosmology

Study of gravitational waves, quantum and classical gravitation, quantum fields in curved space-time, and cosmology.
medical imaging

Medical Imaging

Algorithm development for direct image reconstruction, currently focused on thermoacoustic tomography (TCT), a hybrid imaging technique. 
modern optics

Modern Optics

Chemical, Biological and Medical applications of advanced optical technology and imaging. 
Particle Physics

Particle Physics

Research on: elementary particle phenomenology related to experimental searches for new physics at the CERN LHC; onset of deconfinement with data from the CERN fixed target experiment NA61/SHINE; hadronic interaction models beyond collider energies.

surface physics

Surface Physics

Experimental and theoretical research on the structure and properties of solid surfaces and on the interaction of surfaces with atoms and molecules.

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