Medical Imaging Research

Medical imaging research at UWM is performed by Sarah Patch who is interested in a wide array of topics related to imaging techniques.

Dr. Patch's current research focus is thermoacoustic tomography (TCT), a hybrid imaging technique. Her long-term goal is to quantify the robustness of TCT across different sizes, depths, and types of cancer (lobular, ductal carcinoma, etc.). Ideally, TCT deposits RF energy impulsively in time and uniformly throughout the imaging object, causing thermal expansion. Cancerous masses preferentially absorb RF energy, heat and expand faster than neighboring healthy tissue, creating a pressure wave, which is detected by ultrasound transducers at the edge of the object. Dr. Patch has developed an inversion formula for idealized TCT data and now works to account for physical and experimental effects upon TCT data. Other areas of research include cone beam reconstruction of xray CT data and motion correction for Propeller MRI. Early work in diffuse tomography was motivated by optical/NIR imaging.
For more information: Dr. Patch's research website.