Uk Heo


Office: Bolton, Room 614
Phone: (414) 229-6681
e-mail: heouk@uwm.edu
Curriculum Vitae: pdf


Ph.D., Texas A&M University
M.A., University of Wyoming
B.A., Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

Courses Taught:

PolSci 175: Introduction to International Relations - Syllabus (pdf), Online (pdf)
PolSci 244: Asian International Relations - Syllabus (pdf), Online (pdf)
PolSci 338: Seminar in International Relations: Globalization and War - Syllabus (pdf)
PolSci 343: Asian International Relations - Syllabus (pdf),  Online (pdf)
PolSci 370: International Conflict - Syllabus (pdf), Online (pdf)
PolSci 500: Capstone Seminar in Political Science - Syllabus (pdf)
PolSci 960 - International Conflict - Syllabus (pdf)

Teaching and Research Interests:

International Relations, Comparative Politics, Asian Politics

Selected Publications:

South Korea since 1980. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2010. (with Terence Roehrig).

"The Relationship between Defense Spending and Economic Growth in the United States." 2010. Political Research Quarterly 63(4): 760-770.

"The Economic Effects of US and Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis." 2008. Policy Studies Journal 36(3): 385-402 (with Sung Deuk Hahm).

"The North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Causes, Progress, and Prospects." 2008. Korea Observer 39(4): 487-506 (with Jung-Yeop Woo).

"The US-ROK Alliance: Security Implications of the South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement." 2008. Pacific Focus 33(3): 365-382.

"Political Choices and Economic Outcomes: A Perspective on the Differential Impact of the Financial Crisis on South Korea and Taiwan" 2003. Comparative Political Studies 36(6): 679-698. (with Alexander C. Tan)

"A Nested Game Approach to Political and Economic Liberalization in Democratizing States: The Case of South Korea" 2002. International Studies Quarterly 46(3): 401-422. (with Neal Jesse and Karl DeRouen Jr.)

"Defense Contracting and Domestic Politics." 2000. Political Research Quarterly 53(4): 753-769. (with Karl DeRouen Jr.)

"Defense Spending and Economic Growth in South Korea: The Indirect Link." 1999. Journal of Peace Research 36(6): 699-708.

"Modeling the Defense-Growth Relationship Around the Globe." 1998. Journal of Conflict Resolution 42(5):637-657.

"Military Expenditures, Technological Change, and Economic Growth in the East Asian NICs." 1998. Journal of Politics 60(3): 830-846. (with Karl DeRouen Jr.)