Erin B. Kaheny

Associate Professor

Office: Bolton, Room 638
Phone: (414) 229-6560
Curriculum Vitae: pdf


Ph.D., Political Science, University of South Carolina (2004)
M.A., Political Science, University of South Carolina (1998)
B.A., Government, New Mexico State University (1996)

Courses Taught:

PolSci 250: Law and Society - Syllabus (pdf), Online (pdf)
PolSci 411: Constitutional Law: Government Powers & Federalism - Syllabus (pdf), Online (pdf)
Polsci 416: Judicial Process - Syllabus (pdf)
PolSci 464: Women and the Law - Syllabus (pdf), Online (pdf)

Research Interests:

Federal appellate court decision making, procedural rules of access to the legal system, judicial careers and acclimation effects, agenda change in the U.S. Courts of Appeals, attorneys and the judicial process, the role of gender in judicial decision making, and comparative judicial studies.

Other Relevant Activities:

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Political Science

Teaching Interests:

American government, courts and the judicial process, constitutional law, civil liberties, women and the law, law and society, and introductory statistics.

Selected Publications:

Kaheny, Erin B., John J. Szmer, and Tammy A. Sarver. 2011. “Women Lawyers before the Supreme Court of Canada.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 44(1): 83-109.

Kaheny, Erin B., and Kimberly J. Rice. 2010. “Threshold Rules as Tools of Deference?: Circuit Judge Gatekeeping in Administrative Agency Cases.” Justice System Journal 31(2): 201-24.

Kaheny, Erin B. 2010. “The Nature of Circuit Court Gatekeeping Decisions.” Law and Society Review 44(1): 129-56.

Szmer, John J., Tammy A. Sarver, and Erin B. Kaheny. 2010. “Have We Come a Long Way Baby? Female Attorneys before the United States Supreme Court.” Politics and Gender 6: 1-36.

Kaheny, Erin B., Susan B. Haire, and Sara C. Benesh. 2008. “Change over Tenure: Voting, Variance, and Decision Making on the U.S. Courts of Appeals.” American Journal of Political Science 52(3): 490-503.

Sarver, Tammy A., Erin B. Kaheny, and John J. Szmer. 2008. “The Attorney Gender Gap in U.S. Supreme Court Litigation.” Judicature 91(5): 238-50.

"Why the Haves Don't Always Come Out Ahead: Repeat Players Meet Amici Curiae for the Disadvantaged" (with Donald R. Songer and Ashlyn Kuersten). 2000. Political Research Quarterly 53(3): 537-556.

"Agenda Change in the U.S. Courts of Appeals." 1999. Justice System Journal 20(3): 275-298.