Ora John ReuterOra John Reuter

Assistant Professor

Office: Bolton, Room 670
Phone: 414-229-5418
E-mail: reutero@uwm.edu
Web Page: https://sites.google.com/site/ojreuter/
Curriculum Vitae: Online vitae (PDF)


Ph.D., Emory University (Political Science)
M.A., Emory University (Political Science)
B.A., The University of the South - Sewanee (Political Science and Russian)

Research Interests:

Comparative politics; comparative political institutions; comparative political economy; elections, democratization; political parties; bureaucracy; authoritarian regimes; Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Selected Publications:

Frye, Timothy, Ora John Reuter and David Szakonyi . 2014. Political Machines at Work: Voter Mobilization and Electoral Subversion in the Workplace" World Politics (Forthcoming)

Reuter, Ora John and David Szakonyi. 2014. Online Social Media and Political Awareness in Authoritarian Regimes" British Journal of Political Science (Forthcoming)

Buckley, Noah, Timothy Frye, Guzel Garifullina, and Ora John Reuter. 2013 “The Political Econ- omy of Russian Gubernatorial Election and Appointment" Europe-Asia Studies (Forthcoming)

Reuter, Ora John and Rostislav Turovsky. 2013 “Dominant Party Rule and Legislative Lead- ership in Authoritarian Regimes" Party Politics. (Forthcoming)

Reuter, Ora John. 2013. Regional Patrons and Hegemonic Party Performance in Russia" Post- Soviet Affairs, 29.2

Gandhi, Jennifer and Ora John Reuter. 2013. “Electoral Strategies to Defeat Authori- tarian Incumbents: Understanding Pre-Electoral Coalitions" Democratization, 20.1

Reuter, Ora John and Graeme Robertson. 2012 “Sub-national Appointments in Authoritar- ian Regimes: Evidence from Russian Gubernatorial Appointments" Journal of Politics, 74.4

Reuter, Ora John and Jennifer Gandhi. 2011. “Economic Performance and Elite Defec- tion from Hegemonic Parties" British Journal of Political Science, 41.1.

Reuter, Ora John. 2010. “The Politics of Dominant Party Formation: United Russia and Russia's Governors" Europe-Asia Studies, 62.2.

Reuter, Ora John and Thomas F. Remington. 2009. “Dominant Party Regimes and the Commitment Problem: The Case of United Russia" Comparative Political Studies, 42.4.