Paru R. Shah

Associate Professor

Office: Bolton, Room 676
Phone: 414-229-3979
Web Page:
Curriculum Vitae: pdf


Ph.D., Political Science, Rice University
M.P.H., Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago
B.A., Philosophy, University of Michigan

Research and Teaching Interests:

Race, ethnicity and politics, urban governance and politics, public policy analysis and outcomes in the educational arena

Courses Taught:

PolSci 213: Urban Government and Politics, Syllabus (pdf)
PolSci 215: Race, Ethnicity and Politics, Syllabus (pdf)
PolSci 388: Latino Politics, Syllabus (pdf)

Selected Publications:

Shah, Paru R. “It Takes a Black Candidate: A Supply-side Theory of Minority Representation.” Political Research Quarterly 67.2 (2014): 266-279.
Shah, Paru R., Marschall, Melissa, and Ruhil, Anirudh. “Are We There Yet? The Voting Rights Act and Black Representation on City Councils, 1981-2006.” Journal of Politics 75.4 (2013): 933-1008.
Shah, Paru R., and Marschall, Melissa J. “The Centrality of Racial and Ethnic Politics in American Cities and Towns.” Oxford Handbook on Local Politics Ed. Clarke, Susan, John, Peter, and Mossberger, Karen. Oxford University Press. (2012) .
Marschall, Melissa, Ruhil, Anirudh, and Shah, Paru R. “The New Racial Calculus: Electoral Institutions and Black Representation in Local Legislature.” American Journal of Political Science 54.1 (2010): 107-124.
Shah, Paru R. “Motivating Participation: Estimating the Impact of Symbolic Representation on Latino Parent Involvement.” Social Science Quarterly 90.1 (2009): 212-230.