Political Science Major: Law Studies Option

Students may emphasize the study of law within the major by completing all of the requirements outlined above as well as the following courses as part of the 30 credits required for the major (students may double-count law studies courses to fulfill major requirements where appropriate):

Required Courses
PolSci 250: Law and Society
PolSci 411: Constitutional Law: Government Powers and Federalism
PolSci 412: Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
Two of the following:
PolSci 316: International Law
PolSci 384 (560): The Philosophy of Law [jointly offered with Philos 384 (560)]
PolSci 416: Trial Courts in the Judicial Process
PolSci 417: The Supreme Court
PolSci 419: Constitutional Interpretation
PolSci 452: Administrative Law
PolSci 464: Women and the Law
PolSci 471: Problems in Law Studies: (Subtitle)