Dr. Dermer

Marshall L. Dermer

Associate Professor

Office: Garland Hall 213
Phone: (414) 229-6067
e-mail: dermer@uwm.edu
Web Site: people.uwm.edu/dermer


Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1973

Research Interests:

I'm primarily interested in using learning principles to design efficient instructional software. I focus on procedures that promote correct and rapid responding: fluency. With my students, we have been developing software to: enhance undergraduates' writing, increase students' receptive vocabularies, and improve native English speakers' declension of the definite and indefinite articles in German. There are many important applications of such software in the "school house" and the work place. Take a look here: Binder Riha Associates.

I'm also interested in research methods and affectionate behavior.

Teaching Interests:

I teach courses in behavior analysis. In recent years these include units on: applied behavior analysis, single-subject research methods, and ethics/professional issues. I also teach a course in technical writing in psychology.

Courses Taught:

Psych 502: Applied Behavior Analysis
Psych 620: Single-Subject Research Methods
Psych 685: Seminar on Writing in Psychology
Psych 702: Applied Behavior Analysis
Psych 724: Proseminar in Behavior Analysis

Recent Publications:

Dermer, M.L., Lopez, S., & Messling, III, P.A. (2009). Fluency training a writing skill: Editing for concision. Psychological Record, 59, 3-20.

Dermer, M.L. (2007, Fall). On choosing the right graduate advisor. SHPE Magazine, 62-63.

Dermer, M.L. (2006). Towards understanding the meaning of affectionate verbal behavior; Towards creating romantic loving. The Behavior Analyst Today, 7, 452-480.

Dermer, M.L. (2004). Using CHAINS, a QuickBASIC 4.5 program, to teach single-subject experimentation with humans. Teaching of Psychology, 31, 285-288.

Dermer, N.S., & Dermer, M.L. (2000). CHAINS: A QuickBASIC 4.5 program for studying variables affecting human learning. Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Bulletin, 18, 23-27.

Dermer, M.L., & Hoch, T.A. (1999). Improving descriptions of single-subject experiments. The Psychological Record, 49, 49-66.

Dermer, M.L., & Rogers, J.G. (1997). Schedule control over following instructions comprised of novel combinations of verbal stimuli. The Psychological Record, 47, 243-260.