Dr. Fleming

Raymond Fleming


Office: Garland Hall 228
Phone: (414) 229-3980
e-mail: mundo@uwm.edu
Web Site: people.uwm.edu/mundo


Ph.D., Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, 1986

Research Interests:

My research interests are in stress and coping, aging, risk perception, and sexuality and health. I conduct laboratory experiments, quasi-experimental field studies, and survey research on the affective, behavioral, and physiological aspects of health, stress, and emotion.

Courses Taught:

Psych 193: Stress and Coping
Psych 510: Advanced Psychological Statistics
Psych 610: Experimental Design
Psych 656: Psychophisiology
Psych 756: Psychophisiology

Recent Publications and Presentations:

Stress and Coping
Nakajima, M. & Fleming, R. (2008). Cognitive and Physiological Determinants of Symptom Perception and Interpretation. Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research, 13(1), 42-66.

Lange, L., & Fleming, R. (2005). Cognitive influences on the perception of somatic change during a feigned chemical release. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 35(3), 463-486.

Lange, L., Fleming, R., & Toussaint, L. (2004). Risk perceptions and stress during the threat of explosion from a railroad accident. Social Behavior and Personality, 32(2), 117-128.

Lange, L., Toussaint, L., & Fleming, R. (2004). Perceptions of accident foreseeability and stress and coping during the evacuation period of a technological disaster. Environment and Behavior, 36(5), 701-716.

Shcheslavskaya, O., & Fleming, R. (2005). Affective and Behavioral Outcomes of Acculturative Stress in Russian Immigrants in the United States. Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, Illinois.

Risk Perceptions

Shcheslavskaya, O., & Fleming, R. (2006). Psychophysiology of Human Stress Responding: A Clarification of Hardiness Effect on Health Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, Illinois.

MacGregor, D., & Fleming, R. (1996). A model for risk perception and symptom reporting. Risk Analysis. 16(6), 773-783.

Nakajima, M., & Fleming, R. (2005). Symptom Reporting during a Feigned Chemical Release. Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, Illinois.

An Investigation of People's Risks Perceptions for Interrelated Natural and Technological Hazards. Midwestern Psychological Association, 2002.

Sexuality and Health
Reddy, D. M., Fleming, R., & Swain, C. (2002). The effect of mandatory parental notification on adolescent girls' use of sexual health care services. Journal of the American Medical Association.

Wood, C.L., Reddy, D.M., & Fleming, R. (2005). Effects of Preparatory Behavior on Condom Use: An Evaluation in the Context of the Theory of Planned Behavior. Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, Illinois.

Wood, CL, Reddy, DM, Fleming, R,& Swain, C. (2004). Condom Use and Sexual Risk Behaviors of Young Women. Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, Illinois.

Reddy, D. M., Fleming,R., Kramer, A. L, & Swain, C. (2003). Increasing Condom Use: Effect of a Peer Intervention Targeting Young Women. Seventy-fifth Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, Illinois.