Dr. Mosack

Katie E. Mosack

Associate Professor

Office: Garland Hall 236
Phone: (414) 229-5329
e-mail: kemosack@uwm.edu
Lab Page: people.uwm.edu/kemosack/PatientLab


Ph.D., Ohio State University, 2001

Research Interests:

I use both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand health beliefs, illness experiences, and the prevention of and adjustment to chronic or life-threatening illnesses. I am currently studying physician-patient collaboration and the use of family and peers to improve patient advocacy among HIV-positive people; health care disparities among sexual and gender minorities; and the role of mental health and health and health care beliefs on medical treatment adherence among people with various chronic illness. I collaborate with researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin (the Center for AIDS Intervention Research and the Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research), the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, and Jewish Family Services of Milwaukee.

Courses Taught:

Psych 101: Introduction to Psychology
Psych 325: Research Methods in Psychology
Psych 955: Seminar in Social Psychology and Health

Recent Publications:

Mosack, K.E. & Petrol, A. (in press). Patients' perspectives on informal caregiver involvement in HIV health care appointments. AIDS and Behavior.

Mosack, K.E., Randolph, M., Dickson-Gomez, J., Abbott, M., Smith, E., & Weeks, M. (in press). Sexual risk-taking among high-risk urban Women with and without histories of childhood sexual abuse: Mediating effects of contextual factors. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.

Mosack, K.E., Weinhardt, L., Kelly, J.A., Gore-Felton, C., McAuliffe, T., Rotheram-Borus, M.J., Ehrhardt, A.A., Chesney, M.A., & Morin, S. (2009). Influence of coping, social support, and depression on subjective health status among HIV-positive adults with different sexual identities. Behavioral Medicine, 34, 133-144.

Wang, Y., Liao, S-S., Weeks, M.R., Jiang, J-M., Abbott, M., Zhou, Y-J., He, B., Liu, W., & Mosack, K.E. (2008). Microbicide acceptability among women in sex establishments in Southern China. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 35, 102-110.

Mosack, K.E., Gore-Felton, C., Chartier, P., & McGarvey, E. (2007). Individual, peer, and family variables associated with risky sexual behavior among male and female incarcerated adolescents. Journal of HIV Prevention in Children & Youth, 8, 115-133.

Weinhardt, L.S., Mosack, K.E., & Swain, G.R. (2007). Development of a computer counseling STI intervention: Acceptability and preferences among low-income urban sexually transmitted infection (STI) clinic patients. AIDS and Behavior, 11, 549-556.

Weeks, M.R., Dickson-Gomez, J., Mosack, K.E., Convey, M., Martinez, M., & Clair, S. (in press). The Risk Avoidance Partnership: Training active drug users as Peer Health Advocates. Journal of Drug Issues (Summer), 541-570.

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Mosack, K.E., Abbott, M., Singer, M., & Weeks, M.R. (2005). If I didn't have HIV, I'd be dead now: Illness narratives of drug users living with HIV/AIDS. Qualitative Health Research, 15, 586-605.

Weeks, M.R., Mosack, K.E., Abbott, M., Novick Sylla, L., Valdes, B., Prince, M., & Schensul, J.J. (2004). Microbicide acceptability among high-risk urban U.S. women: Experience and perceptions of sexually transmitted HIV prevention. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 31, 682-690.