Robyn C. Ridley

Robyn C. Ridley

Associate Professor

Office: Garland Hall 230
Phone: (414) 229-4407
Web Site:


Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia, 1984

Research Interests:

My research interests are in clinical-child and in social development, including specifically:

  • Mother's behavior and beliefs regarding separations from their infants (maternal separation anxiety);
  • The study of mother-child interaction in pediatric settings.

Teaching Interests:

I teach in the areas of developmental psychology and psychopathology.

Courses Taught:

Psych 407: Personality Theory
Psych 412: Psychopathology
Psych 711: Multicultural Issues in Clinical Psychology

Recent Publications:

Reigstad, B., Ridley, R.C., Barbee, N., & Osmon, D. (in prep). Dependence as a correlate of adult separation anxiety.

Burkowski, D.A., Ridley, R.C., & Kanter, J.W. (under review). Dialectical behavior therapy for the treatment of anorexia nervosa. Rusch, L.C., Kanter, J.W., Angelone, A.F., & Ridley, R.C. (under review). The impact of In Our Own Voice on stigma.

Angelone, A.F., Levine, J. C., Conelea, C.A., LaVigne, J., Hynan, M. & Kanter, J. (2007, November). Therapeutic Alliance as a Mediator in Therapy Outcome in a Psychology Training Clinic. Poster to be presented at the annual meeting of the Reigstad, B., Barbee, N., Ridley, R., Osmon, D., Burkowski, D., Angelone, A., et al. (2006, March). Evaluating Separation Anxiety: The importance of anxiety and dependency constructs. Poster presented at the national conference of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, Miami, FL.

Burkowski, D.A., Klein-Tasman, B.P., Davies, W.H., & Melzer-Lange, M.D. (2004, April). Empathy, Anxiety and Attitude Towards Aggression in a Group of African American Boys Exposed to Community Violence. Poster session presented at the Wisconsin Psychological Association annual conference, Madison, WI.

Barbee, N., Reigstad, B., Ridley, R.C., & Osmon, D.C. A measure of adult separation anxiety: Contributions of anxiety and dependency. (Presented at the October, 2004 Kansas Conference in Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology).

Weiss, J., Ridley, R., & Osmon, D. (in preparation). Feminist Identity Development: Profile Analysis in a College Sample.

O'Laughlin, E., & Ridley-Johnson, R. (1995). Maternal presence during children's routine immunizations: The effect of mother-as-observer in reducing child distress. Children's Health Care, 24, 175-191.

Ridley-Johnson, R., Surdy, T., & O'Laughlin, E. (1990). Parent survey on television violence viewing: Fear, aggression, and sex differences. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 11.