Douglas W. Woods

Douglas W. Woods


Office: Garland Hall 211
Phone: (414) 229-5335
Lab Site:


Ph.D., Western Michigan University, 1999

Research Interests:

I am interested in assessing and treating tic disorders, trichotillomania, and other OCD-spectrum disorders in children and adults. I have additional interests in behavior therapy as applied to childhood feeding problems, oppositional/conduct problems, and social rejection. I also teach a graduate course on empirically supported interventions. More information about me and the Behavior Therapy Research Lab can be found at:

Teaching Interests:

Assessment and treatment of habit disorders, childhood behavior problems, HIV/AIDS prevention, and Clinical Behavior Analysis

Courses Taught:

Psych 214: Introduction to Conditioning an Learning
Psych 710: Survey of Clinical Research Methods
Psych 742: Empirically Supported Interventions
Psych 845: Practicum in Empirically Supported Interventions

Recent Publications:

Lee, Han J., Franklin, Shana A., Turkel, Jennifer E., Goetz, Amy R., and Woods, Douglas W. “Facilitated Attentional Disengagement from Hair-Related Cues among Individuals Diagnosed with Trichotillomania: An Investigation based on the Exogenous Cueing Paradigm.” Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorder 1. (2012): 8-15.
Lee, Han J., Turkel, Jennifer E., Woods, Douglas W., and Coffey, Scott F. “Elevated Affective Lability and Poor Response Inhibition: An Investigation based on Emotional and Non-Emotional Go/No-Go Tasks.” Journal of Experimental Psychopathology 5. (2012): 750-767.