Religious Studies Faculty

Judith Beall, Interim Director
Adjunct Assistant Professor, History
Office: Holton Hall G79
Phone: 414-229-4494

David DiValerio
Assistant Professor, History
Office: Holton Hall 384
Phone: 414-229-4314

Demetrius Williams
Associate Professor, French, Italian, and Comparative Literature
Office: Curtin Hall 792
Phone: 414-229-5871

Meghan Murphy-Lee
Senior Lecturer, FLL and Religious Studies Undergraduate Adviser
Office: Curtin Hall 824
Phone: 229-4949

Affiliated Faculty

Arnold, Bettina, Anthropology
Bendiner, Kenneth, Art History
Bornstein, Erica, Anthropology
Brauner, Mitchell, Music
Bristow, William, Philosophy
Campbell, Benjamin, Anthropology
Cova, Elisabetta, Foreign Languages and Literature-Classics
Galvao-Sobrinho, Carlos, History
Hoeveler, J. David, History
Jordt, Ingrid, Anthropology
Mazor, Yair, Foreign Languages and Literature-Hebrew Studies
Paik, Peter, French, Italian, and Comparative Literature
Pease, Neal, History
Silverman, Lisa, History
Sobti, Manu, Architecture and Urban Planning
Stone, Andrea, Art History
Wang, Ying, Art History
Wiesner-Hanks, Merry, History

Emeritus Faculty

Bharadwaj, Lakshmi, Sociology
Merrick, Jeffrey, History
Monti, Richard, Foreign Languages and Literature-Classics