L&S Degree Requirements – 1998-2006

First college course in a degree program was between Fall 1998 and Summer 2006

Students who began their undergraduate degree program between Fall 1998 and Summer 2006 may follow the Fall 1998 degree requirements, the Fall 2006 requirements, the Fall 2008 requirements, or the Fall 2013 requirements.


Almost all students are better off under the Fall 2006 degree requirements; therefore the links below take you to that set of requirements.

The Fall 2006 requirements provide more latitude in satisfying both the 36 credit breadth requirements and the 9 credit international requirement than do the Fall 1998 requirements. The Language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts may require more coursework in the Fall 2008 degree requirements than in the Fall 2006 requirements. Most other degree requirements are the same among the four three sets of requirements, although university-wide GERs may vary.

Students who might find the Fall 1998 degree requirements a better option are students who...

  • have previously completed the Fall 1998 capstone requirement and would need to take a new course for the Fall 2006 research requirement - especially if they have already completed a seminar (see http://www4.uwm.edu/letsci/requirements/old/seminar.cfm)
  • have military science credits, or
  • are completing a BS degree and have credit in either Phil 211 or Math 225.

Students should consult their L&S academic advisor to map out their degree requirements and select the set that works best for them. Those interested in reviewing the Fall 1998 degree requirements can do so with their advisor.  The advisor's name is available on each student's PAWS account.

Degree Requirements Detail