L&S Degree Requirements

L&S International Requirement

Approved Courses
(February 16, 2016)

232  Survey of African Societies and Cultures
239  International Relations of African States
320  Black Cultures in Latin America and the Caribbean
329  Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in Africa
352  Extended Families in Black Societies
417  Race, Class, and Gender in Southern Africa
418  Race, Class, and Gender in the Caribbean
American Indian Studies (Bold)
251  Third-Semester Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe)
252  Fourth-Semester Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe)
370  Anishinaabebiiqe: Archival to Contemporary Writing
104  Lifeways in Different Cultures: A Survey of World Societies
307  World Archaeology: Foundations of Civilization
315  Peoples and Cultures of Mexico and Central America
316  Peoples and Cultures of South America
317  Peoples and Cultures of Brazil
318  Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
319  Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific
320  Peoples and Cultures of Africa
323  Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
325  Japanese Culture and Society
326  Peoples and Cultures of South Asia
327  Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
328  Comparative Studies of Music, Race, and Gender in Nationalism
355  Globalization, Culture, and Environment
362  System Failure: Globalization and Language Extinction
440  Medical Anthropology
442  Humanitarianism in Global Perspective
443  Medicine & Pharmaceuticals in the Global Age
447  The Global Politics of Human Rights
111  Cultures and Civilizations of the Muslim Middle East
Art History
101  Ancient and Medieval Art and Architecture
102  Renaissance to Modern Art and Architecture
104  African, New World, and Oceanic Art and Architecture
105  Asian Art and Architecture
205  History of Film I: Development of an Art
206  History of Film II: Development of an Art
237  Northern Renaissance Art
251  Introduction to the Art and Architecture of Latin America
261  Modern Art
270  Pre-Columbian Art, Myth, and Legacy
302  The City of Rome: Its Architecture, City Planning, and Urbanism
320  Medieval Art and Architecture
327  Art and Architecture of Islamic Spain
333  High Renaissance Art in Italy
358  Modern Painting I: 1850-1900
359  Modern Architecture I: The European Foundations of Modern Architecture
360  Modern Architecture II: The Rise of Modern Architecture
361  Modern Architecture III: Contemporary Architecture
363  Modern Sculpture
364  Modern Painting II: 1900 to the Present
366  German Painting: 1800-1933
367  Latin American Modernisms
368  History of Modern Design
369  Post-1970s Art
371  African Art
372  Pre-Columbian Art of South America
373  The Art of Mesoamerica
381  Honors Seminar: "Art and Architecture of Islamic Spain" topic
381  Honors Seminar: "Heaven on Earth: Origins of the French Gothic" subtitle
382  Chinese Art and Architecture
383  Japanese Art and Architecture
426  French Gothic Architecture c. 1130 - c. 1300
463  Cubism and Its Inheritance
464  European Art, 1890-1910
465  Dada and Surrealist Art
472  History and Theory of New Media Art
480  Chinese Painting
481  Topics in Chinese Art: "Arts of Intellectuals of Ancient and Contemporary China" subtitle
499  Ad Hoc: "Arts of China" subtitle
Biological Sciences
475  Tropical Biology in Panama
150  Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture
160  A Taste of China: Learning Chinese Culture and Society Through Cuisine
320  Contemporary Chinese Societies Through Film
170  Classical Mythology
171  Classical Mythology: An Audio-Visual Supplement
201  Introduction to Greek Life and Literature
202  Introduction to Roman Life and Literature
301  The Life and Literature of Classical Athens: Herodotus and Dramatists
303  The Life and Literature of the Roman Empire
304  The Graeco-Roman World: Pompeii" subtitle
312  Ancient Epic Oral Traditions
450  Cross Cultural Communication
550  International and Global Communication
621  Current Topics in Applied Communication: "International Mediation and Peace" subtitle
641  Current Topics in Organizational Communication: "International Mediation" subtitle
675  Communication in International Mediation and Peacebuilding
Comparative Literature
133  Contemporary Imagination in Literature and the Arts
135  Experiencing Literature in the 21st Century: (Subtitle)
192  First-Year Seminar: (Subtitle), effective FA 2011 (old title “Freshman Seminar: (Subtitle)”)
207  World Literature in Translation: Antiquity Through the 1600s
208  World Literature in Translation: The Seventeenth to the Twenty-First Century
230  Literature and Society: (Subtitle)
231  Literature and Religion: (Subtitle)
232  Literature & Politics: (Subtitle)
233  Literature and Film: (Subtitle)
309  Great Works of Modern Literature: (Subtitle)
320  Mediaeval Literature and Culture: (Subtitle)
321  Renaissance Literature and Culture: (Subtitle)
333  Literature and Law
350  Topics in Comparative Literature: (Subtitle)
360  Seminar in Literature and Cultural Experience: (Subtitle)
362  Transnational Asian Cinemas: (Subtitle)
363  Chinese Literature in the Global Context: (Subtitle)
365  Literature and Cultures of the Americas: (Subtitle)
381  Honors Seminar: (Subtitle)
393  Seminar on Technology in Utopian Literature and Science Fiction
410  Classical Backgrounds of Modern Literature: (Subtitle)
433  Comparative Mythology
447  Drama: Corneille to Ibsen
449  Modern and Contemporary Drama
461  Film-Fiction Interaction: (Subtitle)
463  Literary Criticism: Major Authors
464  Seminar in Comparative Literary Criticism: "Gender, Sexuality, and Criticism" subtitle
505  Seminar in Forms of Narrative Fiction from 1945 to the Present
533  Seminar in Trends in Modern Literature: (Subtitle)
193  Freshman Seminar: "Economics of Asia" subtitle
193  First-Year Seminar: "Economic Development of China, Japan, and Korea" (Subtitle)
256  Emerging Markets and Comparative Systems
351  Introduction to International Economic Relations
353  Economic Development
454(464)  International Trade
455(576)  International Finance
462  Economic Problems of Latin America
468  Economic Problems of Africa
210  International English
278  Introduction to World Literatures Written in English
285  Modern Irish Language and Literature
306  Survey of Irish Literature
316  World Cinema: (Subtitle)
381  World Literature Written in English: (all subtitles)
522  Studies in World Literature Written in English: All subtitles
685  Honors Seminar: "African Fiction" subtitle
685  Honors Seminar: "Contemporary Commonwealth Fiction" subtitle
685  Honors Seminar: "Travelers to Sub-Saharan Africa" subtitle
685  Honors Seminar: "Contemporary African Fiction" subtitle
Ethnic Studies
285  Cultures of Contemporary Russia
375  Global Violence, Disease, and Death
Film Studies
205  History of Film I: Development of an Art
206  History of Film II: Development of an Art
316  World Cinema: (Subtitle)
Foreign Languages and Literature
240  Vampires: From Slavic Village to Hollywood
145  Views of France: (Subtitle)
383  Honors Seminar: "I Eat Therefore I Am - Cuisine and Identity in France" subtitle
105  Introduction to Human Geography
110  The World: Peoples and Regions
115  Introductory Economic Geography
130  Geography of Islam (See Geog 231)
170  Political Geography
193  Freshman Seminar: "Exploring India - Societies, Cultures, and Environments" subtitle
193  Freshman Seminar: "European Union and the Future of Europe" subtitle
213  Geography of Asia
218  Canada
231  Geography of Islam (old Geog 130)
238  East Europe
239  Geography of Scandinavia
250  East Asia
253  Austria: The Second German State
261  Africa: Topical Analysis
309  Nationalities and Nations of the World
330  Europe, East and West
331  Mediterranean and Middle East
332  China: Peoples, Regions, and Development
364  Central Europe
374  Geography of the Tropics
400  Population, Environment, Development
421 Geography of Latin America, effective FA 2008 (old title "Geography of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean")
422  Geography of South America
443  Cities of the World: Comparative Urban Geography
444  Former Soviet Union: Regional Analysis
445  Former Soviet Union: Topical Analysis
462  Cultural Geography of Latin America
463  Geography of Religions
470  Geography of South Asia
540  Globalization and the City
654  Tropical Field Course
111  German Life and Civilization I
112  German Life and Civilization: Part II
114  Scandinavian Life and Culture
115  Seminar on Scandinavian Culture: (Subtitle)
140  Germany: A Business Perspective
145  Views of Germany
260  The Making of Modern Germany
311  History of German Film: (Subtitle)
Global Studies
101  Introduction to Global Studies I: People and Politics
190  Think Tank Learning Community I
192  First-Year Seminar: (Subtitle), effective FA 2011 (old title “Freshman Seminar: (Subtitle)”)
193  First-Year Seminar: (Subtitle), effective FA 2011 (old title “Freshman Seminar: (Subtitle)”)
194  First-Year Seminar: (Subtitle), effective FA 2011 (old title “Freshman Seminar: (Subtitle)”)
201  Introduction to Global Studies II: Economics and the Environment
202  Introduction to Global Studies III: Globalization and Technology
290  Think Tank Learning Community II
299  Ad Hoc: (Subtitle)
311  Contexts for Global Management
321  The Global City in History
351  Language, Media, and Social Practice in Global Communications
362  Globalization and Language Extinction 371 Rethinking Global Security
390  Think Tank Learning Community III
421  Cities in the Global Economy
422  Humanitarianism in Global Perspective
443  Medicine & Pharmaceuticals in the Global Age
447  The Global Politics of Human Rights
448  Intellectual Property in the Global Information Economy
451  Access, Security, and Intercultural Contexts in Global Communications
471  Strategies for Realizing Security in Global Contexts
490  Think Tank Learning Community IV
499  Ad Hoc: (Subtitle)
500  Global Studies Capstone Seminar: (Subtitle)
541  Cross-Cultural Management. Jointly offered with Business
551  Global Communications Capstone: Future Trends
571  Global Security Capstone: Future Trends
Hebrew Studies
192  Freshman Seminar: "Contemporary Israeli Film" subtitle
238  Topics in Hebrew/Jewish Literature, Art, and Culture: "Representing the Holocaust in Words and Images" subtitle
238  Topics in Hebrew/Jewish Literature, Art, and Culture: "The Arab-Israeli Conflict" subtitle
238  Topics in Hebrew/Jewish Literature, Art, and Culture: "The Holocaust in Literature and Film" subtitle
251  History of Jewish Civilization: Medieval and Modern Periods
253  The Zionist Idea: To 1948
261  Representing the Holocaust in Words and Images
275  Introduction to Middle Eastern and Western Religions
102  Western Civilization: 1500 to the Present
132  World History Since 1500
176  East Asian Civilization
180  Latin American Society and Culture
206  Europe and the Modern World: 1815 to the Present
210  The Twentieth Century: A Global History
236  Britain Since 1688: Rise and Decline of a Great Power
239  Poland and Its Neighbors , 1795 to 1914
242  Women and Gender in Europe: 1750 to the Present
248  The First World War
249  The Second World War in Europe
250  Topics in European History: (Subtitle)
275  Introduction Middle Eastern and Western Religions
282  The Modern Middle East in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
283  Arab-Israeli Relations: The Search for Peace
285  The Second World War in the Pacific
286  The Korean War
287  The Vietnam War
290  Topics in Third World History: (Subtitle)
302  History of Christianity: East and West to 1500
328  European Thought and Culture from the French Revolution to Modern Times
329  The Roman Catholic Church, 1500 to the Present
338  Spain and Portugal in the Modern World
341  Imperial Russia: From Despotism to the Bolshevik Revolution
343  The Soviet Union: From Lenin to Gorbachev
345  The Modern Balkans: Nationalism, War, and Democracy
346  Poland and Its Neighbors, 1914-1945
347  The Rise of Modern Poland, 1945 to the Present
348  Poland and Its Neighbors, 1945 to the Present
351  Modern Britain: Descent of an Industrial Nation
353  Ireland Since 1600: Colony to Independent State
355  Modern and Contemporary France
358  The Jews of Modern Europe: History and Culture
359  Italy: From Risorgimento to World War I
360  Italy: From Fascism to Democracy
361  Nationalism and Internationalism in the Hapsburg Empire, 1815-1918
362  Germany: The Rise to World Power, 1815-1918
363  Germany: Hitler and the Nazi Dictatorship
364  The Holocaust: Anti-Semitism and the Fate of the Jewish People in Europe, 1933 to 1945
366  European Society, 1870 to the Present: Mass Society in a Global Context
367  Women in Soviet Society: A Historical Survey
368  European Diplomatic History from Napoleon to World War I
369  European Diplomatic History from World War I to the Cold War
374  Europe: The Age of the Dictators, 1914 to 1945
375  Contemporary European History, 1945 to the Present
377  Modern China
378  Revolution in China
380  Buddhism: A Cultural History
382  Southeast Asia: The Age of Imperialism and Revolution Since 1800
383  North Africa from the Arab Conquest to the Present
385  Political Islam to Zionism: Middle Eastern Intellectual History, 1789-1990
387  Africa: Imperialism and Independence Since 1880
389  Latin America: The National Period
390  Latin America in the Age of Revolution, 1898 to the Present
391  History of International Relations in Latin America
392  The History of Southern Africa
393  History of Mexico
395  History of Japan Since 1868
397  Postwar Japan
398  Honors Seminar: "Pope John II and the 20th Century World" subtitle
398  Honors Seminar: "Art, Politics, and Society in Modern France" subtitle
398  Honors Seminar: "Gender, Religion and Sexuality in World History" subtitle
398  Honors Seminar: "Pagans, Jews, and Christians in the Roman Empire: Conflict and Accommodation" subtitle
398  Honors Seminar: "Enlightenment Voyages" subtitle
398  Honors Seminar: "History, Memory and Reconciliation in East Asia" subtitle
400  Topics in Latin American and Caribbean History: (Subtitle)
200  Honors Seminar: The Shaping of the Modern Mind - "The Idea of the Nation in Modern History" subtitle
200  Honors Seminar: The Shaping of the Modern Mind - "The Imperial Idea in Modern European History" subtitle
200  Honors Seminar: The Shaping of the Modern Mind - "The Idea of Progress in Modern European History" subtitle
200  Honors Seminar: The Shaping of the Modern Mind - "The Birth of the Modern: Nineteenth Century European Social and Political Thought" subtitle
398  Honors Seminar: "History, Memory and Reconciliation in East Asia" subtitle
680  Honors Seminar: The Shaping of the Modern Mind - "Building the Modern Metropolis: Architecture and Urbanism in Victorian London" subtitle
International Studies
100  Contemporary World Problems (Course deleted SU 2008)
350  Regional Seminar in International Studies: (Subtitle)
550  Senior Seminar in International Studies: (Subtitle)
010  Sicily Yesterday and Today
112  Italian Language and Business Culture
145  Views of Italy: (Subtitle)
192  Freshman Seminar: "Finding the Italian in You - Italian Folklore in fiction and Film" subtitle 229 Italian Cinema
245  Literary Fictions: (Subtitle)
258  Italian Culture and Society
265  Italian Women's Studies: (Subtitle)
357  Topics in Italian Culture in Translation: (Subtitle)
529  Semiotics and Cinema
629  Major Film Directors: (Subtitle)
620  International Mass Communication Systems
659  Comparative Media Law
110  Introduction to Japanese Popular Culture
200  Japanese Culture and its Effect on Language
220  Introduction to Japanese Food
Jewish Studies
261  Representing the Holocaust in Words and Images
358  The Jews of Modern Europe: history and Culture
101  (old# Spanish 173) Introduction to Latin American
492  Structure of a Language: (Subtitle)
204  Introduction to Asian Religions
272  Philosophical Classics: "The Life and Death of Socrates" subtitle
272  Philosophical Classics: "Descartes' Meditations" subtitle
272  Philosophical Classics: "Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion" subtitle
275  Introduction to Middle Eastern and Western Religions
350  Introduction to the Comparative Study of Religion
355  Political Philosophy
430  History of Ancient Philosophy
432  History of Modern Philosophy
435  Existentialism
(438)  see Philosophy 538
471  Religious Thought in Modern India
538  Problems in Marxism
260  Survey of Polish Literature in Translation: 1863 to the Present
236  Polish Culture in Its Historical Setting
Political Science
103  Introduction to Political Science
106  Politics of the World's Nations
175  Introduction to International Relations
185  Great Decisions Series in International Relations
300  Western European Politics
301  British Politics
302  Politics of Eastern Europe
310  Politics of the Soviet Union and its Successor States
311  Russian Foreign Policy
312  Comparative Totalitarian Political Systems
313  Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy
314  Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy
316  International Law
320  Politics of Developing Countries
321  Politics of Revolution in Developing Nations
325  Latin American Politics
327  Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
328  The Arab-Israeli Conflict
329  African Politics
330  The Politics of International Economic Relations
331  Comparative Public Administration
332  Comparative Political Parties
333  Seminar in Comparative Politics: (Subtitle)
334  German Politics and the New Europe
335  Comparative Political Systems
336  Ethnic Factors in World Politics
337  International Organization and the United Nations
338  Seminar in International Relations
339  Political Integration in Western Europe
341  Politics and Markets in Pacific Rim Countries: (Subtitle)
343  Asian International Relations
361  International Relations Theory
365  Theories and Methods in International Politics
370  International Conflict
371  Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
373  Societal Change in Contemporary Latin America: (Subtitle)
436  Urban Politics in Developing Areas
192  Freshman Seminar: "Luso-Brazilian Science Fiction" subtitle
225  Understanding Brazil: (Subtitle)
360  Brazilian Culture: (Subtitle)
Religious Studies
361  Russian and Slavic Folklore
225  Contemporary Slavic Civilization
235  Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature in Translation
236  Survey of Twentieth-Century Russian Literature in Translation
245  Russian Life and Culture
350  Tolstoy and Dostoevsky in Translation
360  Bulgakov, Pasternak, and Solzhenitsyn in Translation
361  Russian and Slavic Folklore
365  Contemporary Russian Writers
391  Russian Literature and Culture in Translatioin: (Subtitle)
103  World Society
235  Social Change in the Global Economy
290  International Migration: (Subtitle)
472  Population and Society
(173)  See LACS 101
377  Introduction to Galician Culture
Translation and Interpreting Studies
410  Comparative Systems for Translation
Urban Studies
450  Urban Growth and Development: A Global View
Women's & Gender Studies
401  Global Feminisms