L&S Degree Seminar Requirement – Pre-2006

...for students enrolled before Fall 2006

Approved Courses
October 20, 2006

All Freshman Seminars; all Honors Seminars

349  Seminar in Ethnography and Cultural Processes
366  Seminar in Aspects of Linguistic Anthropology
404  Seminar in Heredity, Environment, and Human Populations
565  Seminar in Regional Archaeology: (Subtitle)
641  Seminar in Anthropology: (Subtitle)
Art History
501  Seminar in Art History: (Subtitle)
Atmospheric Sciences
511  Seminar in Atmospheric Radiation and Remote Sensing
690  Seminar in Atmospheric Sciences: (Subtitle)
Biological Sciences
611  Seminar: Recent Advances in Limnology and Oceanography
670  Senior Seminar in Biological Sciences
697  Senior Seminar
660  Communication Capstone Seminar: (Subtitle)
662  Seminar in Communication: (Subtitle)
681  Seminar in Communication in a World of AIDS
Comparative Literature
360  Seminar in Literature and Cultural Experience: (Subtitle)
393  Seminar on Technology in Utopian Literature and Science Fiction
464  Seminar in Comparative Literary Criticism: (Subtitle)
501  Seminar in Literary Research in the Humanities
504  Seminar in the Novel: (Subtitle)
505  Seminar in Forms of Narrative Fiction from 1945 to the Present
506  Seminar in the Shorter Forms of Fiction
533  Seminar in Trends in Modern Literature: (Subtitle)
Conservation and Environmental Studies
290  Seminar: Cool Power to Slow Global Warming
490  Senior Seminar: Conservation and Environmental Science
601  Honors Seminar for Majors
620  Seminar in the Art of Literature: (Subtitle)
621  Seminar in the Literature of England: (Subtitle)
622  Seminar in Irish Literature: (Subtitle)
623  Seminar in American Literature: (Subtitle)
624  Seminar in Modern Literature: (Subtitle)
625  Seminar in Literary History: (Subtitle)
626  Seminar in Critical Theory: (Subtitle)
627  Seminar in Literature and Culture: (Subtitle)
628  Seminar in Literature by Women: (Subtitle)
629  Seminar in Literature and Sexuality: (Subtitle)
630  Seminar in Literature and the Other Arts: (Subtitle)
631  Seminar in African-American Literature: (Subtitle)
632  Seminar in American Indian Literature: (Subtitle)
633  Seminar in Rhetoric and Writing: (Subtitle)
634  Seminar in English Language Studies: (Subtitle)
Film Studies
590  Seminar in Contemporary Film Theory
421  Undergraduate Seminar in French Studies: (Subtitle)
510  Seminar on Masterpieces of Literature Written in French: (Subtitle)
511  Seminar in History of French Literature
512  Seminar in History of French Literature
516  Seminar in Sixteenth-Century French Literature: (Subtitle)
517  Seminar in Seventeenth-Century French Literature: (Subtitle)
518  Seminar in Eighteenth-Century French Literature: (Subtitle)
519  Seminar in Nineteenth-Century French Literature: (Subtitle)
520  Seminar in Contemporary French Literature: (Subtitle)
526  Seminar in Advanced Translation: (Subtitle) (prereq: French 425)
527  Seminar in French Prose: (Subtitle)
528  Seminar in French Poetry: (Subtitle)
529  Seminar in French Theatre: (Subtitle)
530  Seminar in Textual Analysis
592  Seminar in French Language: (Subtitle)
600  Perspectives on Geography
390  Seminar in Geosciences Research and Communication Methods
694  Undergraduate Seminar: (Subtitle)
697  Seminar in the Geological Sciences: (Subtitle)
115  Seminar in Advanced Topics in Scandinavian Culture: (Subtitle)
341  Undergraduate Seminar in German-American Studies: Germans in Wisconsin & Milwaukee
641  Seminar on the Intellectual Tradition in German Literature and Thought: (Subtitle)
643  Seminar on Genre Studies: (Subtitle)
645  Seminar on Representative German Authors: (Subtitle)
647  Seminar on Themes and Motifs in German Literature: (Subtitle)
649  Seminar on Theoretical Approaches to German Literature: (Subtitle)
651  Seminar on Contemporary German Literature, 1965 to the Present
671  Seminar on Phonetics
681  Seminar on the History and Structure of German
Hebrew Studies
254  Studies in Hebrew Culture: "Seminar in Contemporary Israeli Film" subtitle
254  Studies in Hebrew Culture: "Seminar on Jewish Identity in Contemporary America" subtitle
254  Studies in Hebrew Culture: "Jewish and Christian Responses to the Holocuast" subtitle
499  Ad Hoc: "Seminar in Modern Jewish Thought" subtitle; conducted in English
288  Seminar: Theory & Practice of Historical Writing--Writing-Intensive Inquiry
291  Seminar on Historical Method: Theory and Approach (W-I) (deleted)
293  Seminar on Historical Method: Theory and Approach
294  Seminar on Historical Method: Research Techniques
600  Seminar in History: (Subtitle)
International Studies
350  Regional Seminar in International Studies: (Subtitle)
550  Senior Seminar in International Studies: (Subtitle)
Journalism and Mass Communication
661  Seminar in Mass Communication and Society
L&S Humanities
101  Great Books Seminar: (Subtitle)
293  Sophomore Scholars Seminar: (Subtitle)
L&S Natural Sciences
295  Seminar in the Natural Sciences: (Subtitle)
L&S Social Sciences
294  UROP Seminar I
295  UROP Seminar II
Mathematical Sciences
221  Honors Calculus I
222  Honors Calculus II
341  Seminar: Introduction to the Language and Practice of Mathematics
681  Seminar in Advanced Topics: (Subtitle)
685  Capstone Senior Seminar: (Subtitle)
498  Undergraduate Physics Seminar
Political Science
333  Seminar in Comparative Politics: (Subtitle)
338  Seminar in International Relations: (Subtitle)
387  Seminar in American Politics: (Subtitle)
430  Seminar in the Social Psychology of American Problems
685  Seminar on Writing in Psychology
475  Seminar in Feminist Social Theory
493  Capstone Seminar in Sociology
495  Seminar in Sociology: (Subtitle)
447  Seminar in Advanced Translation: Spanish to English
448  Seminar in Advanced Translation: English to Spanish
506  Seminar in Spanish Literature: (Subtitle)
507  Seminar in Spanish-American Literature: (Subtitle)
508  Seminar in Hispanic Literature: (Subtitle)
510  Seminar in a Hispanic Writer: (Subtitle)
Women's Studies
402  Capstone Seminar in Women's Studies: (Subtitle)
500  Advanced Social Science Seminar in Women's Studies (Subtitle)
501  Advanced Humanities Seminar in Women's Studies: (Subtitle)