Submission Guidelines

On-Line Submission

  • Manuscripts must be in English (including author affiliations and references). Manuscript Style Guidelines?
  • Manuscripts must be submitted on-line through Manuscript-Central site for the International Economic Journal.
  • Manuscripts in excess of 30 pages will not ordinarily be considered for publication.
  • The authors of accepted empirical papers should provide the data and program upon request.
  • The author will receive an acknowledgement of the submission of the manuscript. If the acknowledgment is not received within two weeks of expected date of receipt, please contact the editor to whom the manuscript has been sent.
  • Manuscript from Asia will be processed by:
  • Professor Jaymin Lee
    Department of Economics
    Yonsei University
    Seoul 120-749
    Tel: 82-2-2123-2478
    Fax: 82-2-365-2478
  • Manuscripts from outside Asia will be processed by:
    Professor Sunwoong Kim
    Department of Economics
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    P.O. Box 413
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201
    Tel: 1-414-229-6924
    Fax: 1-414-229-3860
  • Submission of manuscript will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • Acceptance of a manuscript should imply an automatic transfer of copyright to the publisher. This transfer will ensure the widest possible dissemination of information.

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