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I will be retiring in August. Until then, I'll continue putting online as many of Sigurd's articles as I can. So, check especially this page now and then to find new content, although there may be other additions or changes as well. After that point, I am going to give all the content to the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College. You can expect changes in appearance, as they work to assimilate it into a look and feel that is compatible with the college website. The college website itself will be going through a major makeover this summer, so there will be a gap of two or three months when the Sigurd Olson website is unavailable, but the goal is to have it up and running in its new home by early October. During the couple of months when the website is unavailable, I'll post any updates about the transition on this page of my New Wood blog.




Each of us faces storms of life, and the next couple of generations face some very large ones. Energy, climate, water, poverty, and more. It's not hard to get overwhelmed by a sense of futility, to give in to anger and cynicism, when much of the world seems not to care. But it doesn't have to be that way. Opening our hearts to a wounded world does not lead to cynicism as long as there is hope. And I believe there are signs of hope in all kinds of places and situations. Inspired by Sigurd Olson, Thomas Merton, and others, I created the New Wood blog in 2010. Click here or on the above photo to get to it.

Click on the above image to get to filmmaker Peter Olsen's blog about his forthcoming documentary on Sigurd Olson.

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[bullet]Biographical Profile of Sigurd Olson

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but here you'll get a picture and a thousand words. This short essay covers the key facts and highlights of Olson's life.

[bullet]A Timeline of Olson's Life

Major events of Sigurd's life, listed by year.

[bullet]This Month in Olson History Archive

Click here to check out what Sigurd was doing during a given month spanning a thirty-year period from March 1948 through February 1978.

[bullet]The Library

Get the complete text of previously unpublished speeches, letters and other documents here, past editions of "This Month in Olson History," and a complete bibliography of published works by and about Olson.

[bullet]The Land Beyond the Rim: Sigurd Olson's Wilderness Theology

An in-depth analysis of Olson's spiritual journey and his conclusions about the meaning of wilderness. It was published in the April 1995 issue of Forest & Conservation History.

[bullet]Photo Essays

Select from a menu of photo essays about various aspects of Olson's life.

[bullet]Photo Albums

See photos from Olson's life.

[bullet]The Voyageurs

Diaries, photos and more from the various canoe trips taken by Sigurd Olson and friends, dubbed "The Voyageurs" by Canadian news media.

[bullet]Personal Anecdotes

Do you have a personal memory about Sigurd Olson or about how his writings have affected you? This page contains such personal anecdotes and reflections; read them, and submit your own for possible inclusion.

[bullet]The Listening Point Foundation

The Listening Point Foundation was founded in 1998 not only to preserve and protect "Listening Point," the rugged and beautiful northern Minnesota lakeshore property that served as a getaway place for Sigurd F. Olson, but also to promote Sigurd's philosophy and build upon his legacy in the field of wilderness education.

[bullet]About This Site

Goals for this site, and a little about its creator.

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