The Sigurd F. Olson Website

The Sigurd Olson Website was created by Olson biographer David Backes in 1997, the year the biography was published. In August 2015 he retired after 27 years as a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He donated all of the content of the Olson website to the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College. There will be a gap of at least a couple of months before the Institute is able to incorporate the material into Northland College's web design format, and so the content will be unavailable until then. David Backes is leaving this page up on the UWM server to help you find the new version of the Olson website when it is available. When the site is ready, he will post the link at the bottom of this page of his new Gathering Runes website.



The Gathering Runes website was created in July 2015 by Sigurd Olson's biographer, David Backes. The site explores nature, spirituality, and a sense of place--the various dimensions of being fully human on a little blue planet in a huge universe. The name was inspired by Sigurd Olson's book Runes of the North. Click on the above image to go to Gathering Runes.

Click on the above image to get to filmmaker Peter Olsen's blog about his forthcoming documentary on Sigurd Olson.