Photo Essays

[bullet]Childhood and Youth

Photos and text about the places and people in Sigurd's life from birth to the age of 19. If you wish, you may go directly to Chicago and Sister Bay
| Prentice | or Ashland.

[bullet]Courtship, Wedding and Honeymoon

How Sig found Elizabeth, lost her, found her again, almost lost her, then married her and nearly worked her to death on a honeymoon canoe trip.

[bullet]Declaration of Love

This is a note written around 1920 on the back of a photo, in which Sigurd declared his love for Elizabeth Uhrenholdt. It was found in 1998 among some of Sigurd's things at the Dexter Library at Northland College in Ashland, Wis.

[bullet]"The Shack"

Where Sigurd wrote his books. The essay includes a scanned reproduction (along with discussion) of his last words.

[bullet]Listening Point

Where Sigurd and Elizabeth got away from it all.

[bullet]The Voyageurs

Choose this link to find photos, diaries and more about Sigurd Olson and his VIP canoeing friends, collectively called "the Voyageurs."

For many more Sigurd Olson pictures, see the photo albums.