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Welcome to the Scientific and Medical Communications Laboratory (SAMComm) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. SAMComm is devoted to cutting-edge research on effective and ethical uses of communication in a variety of scientific, technical, medical, and policy contexts. SAMComm has a commitment to mixed-methods research and its members draw on an array of disciplinary traditions from technical communication, health communication, linguistics, and argumentation studies. At the heart of SAMComm research is a state-of-the-art qualitative data analysis server which allows members to engage in comprehensive investigations of large communications data sets.

SAMComm researchers are currently focusing on three broad areas of inquiry: 1) science-policy deliberation and decision-making, 2) interdisciplinary collaboration and education, and 3) effective approaches for public outreach regarding innovation in scientific, technological, and health contexts. These cross-cutting areas of concern are interrogated through a variety of ongoing research projects. Current projects include investigations of 1) decision-making in FDA drugs advisory committees, 2) effective communication practices in continuing medical and professional education, and 3) an exploratory project into effective public health interventions for working at the intersections between cancer, obesity, and socio-economic disparities. For more detail on SAMComm's continuing projects, please visit our projects page.

SAMComm is actively recruiting new members, affiliate researchers, and community partners. If you are interested in becoming involved with SAMComm, please contact us today.