Sociology Faculty/Sociology Graduate Faculty

Aneesh, A., Associate Professor
Specialties:  Science, Technology, and Communication; Social Theory; Labor and Migration; Nationalism and Citizenship; Intellectual Property.

Britton, Marcus, Assistant Professor
Specialties:  Urban Sociology; Economic Sociology; Organization Theory; Public Space; Residential Segregation; Race and Ethnic Relations.

Campos-Castillo, Celeste, Assistant Professor
Specialties: Communication and Information Technologies; Medical Sociology; Social Psychology; Experimental Methods; Work and Occupations.

Chesley, Noelle, Associate Professor
Specialties:  Life Course Studies; Gender; Work and Family; Communication and Information Technologies; Health and Well-Being; Quantitative and Qualitative Research Design and Analysis.

Cary Gabriel Costello, Associate Professor
Specialties:  Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality; Sociology of the Body; Social Problems; Science, Medicine and Technology; Sociology of the Professions.

Gauchat, Gordon, Assistant Professor
Specialties: Social Inequality; Science and Technology; Urban Sociology; Global and Transnational Sociology; Methodology; Theory.

Green, Donald E., Associate Professor and Department Chair
Specialties: Criminology; Delinquency; Social Control; The Native American Experience.

Jordan, Jennifer, Associate Professor
Specialties: Urban Sociology; Sociology of Culture; Theory; Globalization; Europe/Germany, Sociology of Food.

Mathiowetz, Nancy, Professor
Specialties: Survey Methodology; Statistics; Research Methodology.

Mirosa, Oriol, Assistant Professor
Specialties: Global and Transnational Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Social Movements, Sociology of Development, Sociological Theory, Marxism, Latin America.

Oliker, Stacey, Professor
Specialties: Family; Sex and Gender; Sociology of Caregiving.

Redding, Kent, Associate Professor
Specialties: Political Sociology; Comparative/Historical; Social Movements; Race and Ethnic Conflict.

Roberts, Aki, Assistant Professor
Specialties: Criminology; Criminal Justice Outcome; Motor Vehicle Theft; Japanese Crime; National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) 

Roberts, John, Professor
Specialties: Social Networks; Quantitative Methods; Mathematical Sociology; Criminology. 

Shin, Heeju, Assistant Professor
Specialties: Development in Latin America; Social Demography; Poverty and Inequality; Health Disparities; Labor and Time Use.

Vélez, William, Professor
Specialties: Sociology of Education; Social Stratification; Race and Ethnic Relations; Latina/o Sociology.

Wilson, Frank Harold, Professor
Specialties: Urban Sociology; Population, Race and Ethnicity; History of Sociology; Theory; Sociology of Sport.