Kuang-chi Chang

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Office:  Northwest Quadrant–Building B, Room 7525
Phone: 414/229-6404
E-mail: kcchang@uwm.edu


Ph.D., University of Chicago

Areas of Specialization:

Sociology of Organizations; Economic Sociology; East Asian Industries and Corporations; Social Networks; Rural-to-Urban Migration; Labor Markets; China

Course Syllabi

Sociol 330-001: Economy and Society Spring 2013 (pdf)
Sociol 443-201 U: Organizations, Occupations, and Professions Spring 2013 (pdf)
Sociol 443-201 G: Organizations, Occupations, and Professions Spring 2013 (pdf)
Sociol 928-001: Seminar: Social Organization  Spring 2012 (pdf)

Selected Publications:

Kuang-chi Chang (2011), "A Path to Understanding Guanxi in China's Transitional Economy: Variations on Network Behavior" (pdf), Sociological Theory, 29(4): 315–339.

Kuang-chi Chang, Ming Wen and Guixin Wang (2011), “Social Capital and Work among Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China " (pdf), Asian Population Studies 7(3):275-293.

Kuang-chi Chang (2011), "The companies we keep: Effects of relational embeddedness on organizational performance" (pdf), Sociological Forum 26(3):527-555.

Kuang-chi Chang (2011), "Close but not Committed? The multiple dimensions of relational embeddedness " (pdf), Social Science Research 40(4): 1214-1235.