Noelle Chesley

Noelle Chesley

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

 Bolton Hall, Room 752

Phone: 414/229-2398
Vita (pdf)

Fall Office Hours (Sept. 2 - Dec. 11, 2014):  Tuesdays & Fridays 1:00-2:00 and by appointment
Winter Break Office Hours (Dec. 12, 2014 - Jan. 25, 2015): By appointment


Ph.D., Cornell University
M.P.A., Syracuse University
B.S., University of Wisconsin–Madison
Rufus King High School, Milwaukee, WI

Areas of Specialization:

Life Course Studies; Gender; Adult Development and Aging; Health and Well-Being; Work and Family; Quantitative and Qualitative Research Design and Analysis.

Teaching Schedule

Spring 2015
Sociol 282-001: Sociology of Aging
Fall 2014
Sociol 361-401: Research Methods in Sociology (pdf)
Sociol 442-201: The Work-Family Intersection (pdf)
Syllabi from Recently Taught Courses
Sociol 282-001: Sociology of Aging Fall 2012 (pdf)
Sociol 361-201: Research Methods in Sociology  Fall 2012 (pdf)
Sociol 442-201: The Work-Family Intersection Spring 2012 (pdf)
Sociol 760-401: Advanced Statistical Methods in Sociology Spring 2013 (pdf)

Recent Media Events

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Research Interests:

As a sociologist, my research examines the shifting worlds of family and employment and speaks to critical questions facing contemporary societies, such as how social boundaries between public and private life are formed and reinforced, the forces that promote or detract from social connectedness, and the sources of and remedies for inequality. In my role as a researcher, I have examined how use of information and communication technology (ICT) influences work and family experiences, how we care for aging relatives, and how families with at-home fathers and breadwinner mothers function and thrive. My work has been funded through grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Center on Age & Community at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the State of Wisconsin.

Selected Publications:

Chesley, Noelle and Britta Johnson. (In press). “Information and Communication Technology Use and Social Connectedness over the Life Course”. Sociology Compass.

Chesley, Noelle. (2014). “Information and Communication Technology Use, Work Intensification, and Employee Strain and Distress” (pdf).  Work, Employment & Society.

Chesley, Noelle, Andra Siibak, and Judy Wajcman. (2013). Information and Communication Technology Use and Work-Life Integration (pdf); Handbook of work-life integration of professionals: Challenges and opportunities (Debra A. Major and Ronald Burke, eds.). Elgar Publications.

Fonk, James, Donna Davidoff, Thomas Lutzow, Noelle Chesley, Nancy Mathiowetz. (2012). The Effect of Advance Directives on End-of-Life Cost Experience. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 23(3). 1137-56; DOI: 10.1353/hpu.2012.0098.

Chesley, Noelle and *Briana Fox. (2012). Email Use and its Perceived Effect on Family Relationship Quality: Variation by Gender and Race/Ethnicity (pdf). Sociological Focus. 45(1), 1-22.

Chesley, Noelle. (2011). Stay-at-Home Fathers and Breadwinning Mothers: Gender, Couple Dynamics, and Social Change.  Gender & Society, 25, 642–664.

Chesley, Noelle and Britta Johnson. (2010). Information and communication technology, work, and family. In S. Sweet and J. Casey (Eds.) Work and Family Encyclopedia. Chestnut Hill, MA; Sloan Work and Family Research Network.

Chesley, Noelle. (2010) “Technology Use and Employee Assessments of Work Effectiveness, Work Load, and Pace of Life” (pdf) Information, Communication & Society, 13 (4), 485-514.

Chesley, Noelle and Kyle Poppie. (2009). Assisting Parents and In-laws: Gender, Couples' Employment, and Type of Assistance (pdf). Journal of Marriage and Family, 71, 247-262.

Moen, Phyllis and Noelle Chesley. (2008). Toxic Job Ecologies, Lagging Time Convoys, and Work-Family Conflict: Can Families (Re)gain Control and Life Course "Fit"? (pdf) Handbook of Work-Family Integration: Theories, Perspectives, and Best Practices; Lero, D.S., Korabik, K., and Whitehead, D.L., eds.)

Reichart, Elisabeth, Noelle Chesley, and Phyllis Moen. (2007). The end of the career mystique? Policies and cultural frameworks that structure the work-family interface in the United States and Germany (pdf). Zeitschrift für Familienforschung/Journal of Family Research 19. Jahrg. 2007, 3-24.

Chesley, Noelle and Phyllis Moen. (2006). When Workers Care: Dual-Earner Couples' Caregiving Strategies, Benefit use, and Psychological Well-Being (pdf). American Behavioral Scientist, 49(9), 1-22.   
Nominee for the 2007 Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research.

Chesley, Noelle. (2006). Families in a High Tech Age: Technology Usage Patterns, Work and Family Correlates, and Gender (pdf). Journal of Family Issues, 27(5), 587-608.

Chesley, Noelle. (2005). Blurring Boundaries? Linking Technology Use, Spillover, Individual Distress, and Family Satisfaction (pdf). Journal of Marriage and Family, 67, 1237-1248. Official nominee for the 2006 Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research.

Chesley, Noelle, Phyllis Moen, and Richard P. Shore. (2003). The New Technology Climate: Work and Family in the Information Age(pdf) in It's About Time: Couples' Strategies, Strains, and Successes, edited by Phyllis Moen.

Book Review:

Chesley, Noelle. (2007). Review of Susan Thistle’s From Marriage to the Market, Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, Journal of Marriage and Family, 69, 270-277.