Cary Gabriel Costello

Associate Professor of Sociology
Coordinator, LGBT Studies

Office:  Bolton Hall, Room 738
Phone: 414/229-6942
Vita (pdf)

Winter Break Office Hours (Dec. 12, 2014 - Jan. 25, 2015):
By appointment


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley 1999
M.A., University of California, Berkeley 1994
J.D., Harvard Law School 1990
B.A., Yale College 1986

Areas of Specialization:

Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality; Sociology of the Body; Social Problems; Science/Medicine/Technology; Sociology of the Professions

Teaching Schedule

Spring 2015
Sociol 255-001: Sociology of Sexuality
Sociol 444-001: Sociology of the Body
Summer 2014
Sociol 250-201:  Sex and Gender
Spring 2014
Sociol 102-401: Social Problems in American Society (pdf)
Sociol 255-001: Sociology of Sexuality (pdf)
Syllabus from Recently Taught Course
Sociol 444-001: Sociology of the Body Summer 2012 (pdf)

Research Interests:

Prof. Costello is currently engaged in research on virtual embodiment and identity in Second Life®. He runs the Avatar Identity Research Center, which presents a seminar series on avatar embodiment, and through the Editing Appearances project has interviewed over 90 individuals in a variety of communities about selfhood and the virtual body.

Selected Publications:

Costello, Cary G. "Sexuality in a Virtual World" 2013. Pp. 178-188 in Mindy Stombler et al., eds., Sex Matters, 4 th Ed . NY, NY: W.W. Norton & Co.

Costello, Cary G. “Intersex and Trans* Communities: Commonalities and Tensions.” Transgender and Intersex in the Arts, Science and Society Ed. Horlacher, Stefan. (2014) .
Costello, Cary G. “Sexuality in a Virtual World.” Sex Matters 4. Ed. Strombler, Mindy. Sex Matters, W. W. Norton & Company. (2013) .
Costello, Cary G. “The Real Me: Selfhood in the Virtual World.” Cult Pop Culture: How the Fringe Became Mainstream 3. Praeger. (2011): 187-203.
Costello, Cary G. “Caster Semenya: An Intersex Perspective/ Caster Semenya: Una Perspectiva Intersex.” Different Bodies/ Cuerpos Distintos Manthra Editores. (2010): 69-72.
Costello, Cary G. “Professional Identity Crisis: Race, Class, Gender and Success at Professional Schools.” Vanderbilt University Press. (2006): 264.

Older Publications:

Carrie Yang Costello. "Changing Clothes: Gender Inequality and Professional Socialization." 2004. National Women’s Studies Association Journal, 16(2): pp. 138-155.

Carrie Yang Costello. "Cosmetic Genital Surgery Performed upon Children." 2004. Robert Perrucci, Kathleen Ferraro, JoAnn Miller, Paula C. Rodriguez Rust, eds., Solutions: Agenda for Social Justice 2004. Tenn.: Society for the Study of Social Problems: pp. 81-86. 

Carrie Yang Costello. The Sociology of Gender and Work: Syllabi and Teaching Materials. (editor) 2002. Washington, D.C.: American Sociological Association.

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Carrie Yang Costello. "Conceiving Identity: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Parents Consider their Children's Sexual Identities," 1997. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 24(3): pp. 63-89.