Jennifer Jordan

Associate Professor of Sociology
Director of Graduate Studies

Office:  Bolton Hall, Room 758
Phone: 414/229-5074
Vita (pdf)

Summer Office Hours (May 18 - Sep 1, 2014): By appointment
Fall Office Hours (Sept. 9 - Dec. 11, 2014): TBD and by appointment


Ph.D. University of California–San Diego

Areas of Specialization:

Urban Sociology; Sociology of Culture; Theory; Globalization; Europe/Germany; Sociology of Food.

Media Interviews

On tomatoes on Chicago Public Radio
On kitchen gardens on Milwaukee Public Radio's Lake Effect

On heritage turkeys on  Milwaukee Public Radio's Lake Effect  The Sociology of the Heritage Turkey

On heirloom tomatoes on Milwaukee Public Radio's Lake Effect  The Sociology of the Heirloom Tomato

Teaching Schedule

Fall 2014
Sociol 715-001: Systematic Sociological Theory
Spring 2014
UrbStd 983-001: Contemporary Urban Structure and Change (pdf)
Fall 2013
Sociol 715-001:  Systematic Sociological Theory (pdf)
Syllabi from Recently Taught Courses
Sociol 375-001: History of Sociological Theory Spring 2013 (pdf)
Sociol 923-001: Seminar: Sociology of Culture Spring 2013 (pdf)
Sociol 927-002: Seminar: Sociology of Food: Culture, Place and Eating Spring 2011 (pdf)

Selected Publications:

Jennifer A. Jordan. Edible Memory: Heirloom Tomatoes and Antique Apples in a Changing World (University of Chicago Press, forthcoming 2015).

Jennifer A. Jordan, "Landscapes of European Memory: Biodiversity and Collective Remembrance," History and Memory 22: 2 (Fall/Winter 2010), 5-33.

Jennifer A. Jordan. “Elevating the Humble Dumpling: From Peasant Kitchens to Press Conferences,” Ethnology, 47: 2 (Spring 2008), 109-121.

Jennifer A. Jordan. "The Heirloom Tomato as Cultural Object: Investigating Taste and Space" Sociologia Ruralis 47:1 (January 2007), 20-41.

Jennifer Jordan. Structures of Memory: Understanding Urban Change in Berlin and Beyond (Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 2006).