Thomas Moore

Senior Lecturer

Office:  Bolton Hall, Room 750
Phone: 414/229-4190
Vita (pdf)

Fall Semester Office Hours (Sept. 2–Dec. 11, 2014): Tuesdays & Wednesdays 2:00–3:00 and by appointment


Ph.D., Sociology, Boston University

Teaching Schedule

Fall 2014
Sociol 101-001: Introduction to Sociology (pdf)
Sociol 101-203: Introduction to Sociology (pdf)
Sociol 102-401: Social Problems in American Society (pdf)

Syllabi from Recently Taught Courses
Sociol 207-001: Work and Society Spring 2012 (pdf)
Sociol 233-001: Social Inequality in the United States Spring 2014 (pdf)
Sociol 750-001: Research Methods in Sociology Fall 2012 (pdf)