Rhonda J. V. Montgomery

Professor Emerita

E-mail: rm@uwm.edu


Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Areas of Specialization:

Social Gerontology; Family

Selected Publications:

Montgomery, R.J.V., Rowe, J.M., & Kosloski, K. (2007). “Family Caregiving.” In J.A. Blackburn and C.N. Dulmus (Eds.) The Handbook of Gerontology: Evidence-Based Approaches to Theory, Practice, and Policy. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Dobbs, D. & Montgomery, R.J.V. (2005). "Family satisfaction with residential care provision: A multi-level analysis." Journal of Applied Gerontology. November 2005.

Montomery, R.J.V., Rowe, J.M., & Kosloski, K. (2006). Respite Care, In C.N. Dulmus & J.A. Blackburn (Eds.) Handbook of Gerontology: Evidence-Based Approaches to Theory, Practice, and Policy. John Wiley & Sons.

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