Caring and Gender
Francesca M. Cancian and Stacey J. Oliker, Caring and Gender. Pine Forge Press, 2000.
Best Friends and Marriage by Oliker
Best Friends and Marriage, 1989

Stacey Oliker


Office:   Bolton Hall, Room 766
Phone: 414/229-2215

Fall Semester Office Hours (Sept. 2–Dec. 11, 2014):  Tuesdays 11:30–12:30, Thursdays 3:30–4:30 and by appointment


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California–Berkeley

Areas of Specialization:

Family; Sex and Gender; Sociology of Caregiving

Teaching Schedule

Fall 2014
Sociol 250-001: Sex and Gender (pdf)

Syllabi from Recently Taught Courses
Sociol 440-202: Sociology of the Family Spring 2013 (pdf)
Sociol 701-001: Professional Seminar Fall 2012 (pdf)
Sociol 911-001: The Sociology of Institutions Spring 2013 (pdf)
Urb Std 981-001: Perspectives Toward Change in Urban Social Institutions Fall 2012 (pdf)

Selected Publications:

Stacey Oliker and Amanda Seligman, “Understanding Family and Medical Leave at a Large Public University.”Forthcoming, C. Solomon and E. Anderson, Family-Friendly Policies and Practices in Academe.

Stacey Oliker, “Sociology and Studies of Gender, Caregiving, and Inequality,” Sociology Compass, 2011.

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Francesca M. Cancian and Stacey J. Oliker, Caring and Gender. Pine Forge Press, 2000.

Stacey J. Oliker, "The Modernization of Friendship: Individualism, Intimacy, and Gender in the 19th Century," in Rebecca G. Adams and Graham Allan, Placing Friendship in Context, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998.

Stacey J. Oliker, "Proximate Contexts of Workfare and Work: A Framework for Studying Poor Women's Economic Action "The Sociological Quarterly 36 (2), May 1995.

Stacey J. Oliker, "Does Workfare Work? Evaluation Research and Workfare Policy," Social Problems 41 (2), May 1994.

Stacey J. Oliker, Best Friends and Marriage: Exchange Among Women, University of California Press, 1989. Honorable Mention, American Sociological Association Jessie Bernard Award