J_RobertsJohn M. Roberts


Office:  Bolton Hall, Room 764
Phone: 414/229-6944
E-mail:  jmrob@uwm.edu
Vita (pdf)

Fall Office Hours (Sept. 2–Dec. 11, 2014): Thursdays 3:15-4:15 and by appointment
Winter Break Office Hours (Dec. 12, 2014 - Jan. 25, 2015): By appointment


Ph.D., Sociology, Cornell University

Areas of Specialization:

Social Networks, Quantitative Methods, Mathematical Sociology

Teaching Schedule

Spring 2015
Sociol 452-001: Social Networks in Global Commerce
Fall 2014
Sociol 701-001: Professional Seminar (pdf)
Sociol 750-001: Research Methods in Sociology (pdf)
Sociol 951-001: Seminar in Research Methodology: Social Networks (pdf)
Spring 2014
Sociol 452-001: Social Networks in Global Commerce
Sociol 951-001:  Seminar in Research Methodology:  Hierarchial Linear Modeling
Fall 2013
Sociol 499/951: Sociological Data Analysis (pdf)

Selected Publications:

J.M. Roberts, Jr., A. Roberts, & D. D. Brewer. In press. Network contacts and activity domains: Information-sharing among police agencies. Human Organization.

M.A. Peeples & J. M. Roberts, Jr. 2013. To binarize or not to binarize: Relational data and the construction of archaeological networks. Journal of Archaeological Science 40, 3001–3010.

B.J. Mills, J. J. Clark, M. A. Peeples, W. R. Haas, Jr., J. M. Roberts, Jr., B.Hill, D. L. Huntley, L. Borck, R. L. Breiger, A. Clauset, & M. S. Shackley. 2013. Transformation of social networks in the late prehispanic U.S. Southwest. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110, 5785–5790.[Supplementary Material posted at www.pnas.org.]

B.J. Mills, J. M. Roberts, Jr., J. J. Clark, W. R. Haas, Jr., D. Huntley, M. A. Peeples, L. Borck, S. C. Ryan, M. Trowbridge, & R. L. Breiger. 2013. The dynamics of social networks and migration in the archaeology of the late prehispanic U.S. Southwest. In C. Knappett (Ed.) Network Analysis in Archaeology: New Approaches to Regional Interaction (pp. 181–202). London: Oxford University Press.

A. Roberts, J. M. Roberts, Jr., & R.V. Liedka. 2012. Elements of terrorism preparedness in local police agencies, 2003‑2007: Impact of vulnerability, organizational characteristics, and contagion in the post‑9/11 era. Crime & Delinquency 58, 720747.

J.M. Roberts, Jr., B. J. Mills, J. J. Clark, W. R. Haas, Jr., D. L. Huntley,& M. A. Trowbridge. 2012. A method for chronological apportioning of ceramic assemblages. Journal of Archaeological Science 39, 1513–1520.