William Vélez

Professor of Sociology

Office: Bolton Hall, Room 746
Phone: 414/229-4809
E-mail: velez@uwm.edu
Vita (pdf)

Spring Office Hours:  Mondays 1:00-3:00PM,  Wednesdays 10:00-12:00PM, and by appointment


Ph.D., Sociology, Yale University

Areas of Specialization:

Sociology of Education; Social Stratification; Race and Ethnic Relations; Sociology of Latinos

Teaching Schedule

Fall 2014
Sociol 423-001: Latino Immigration and Incorporation
Sociol 910-001: The Sociology of Inequality
Summer 2014
Sociol 150-201:  Multicultural America
Spring 2014
Sociol 323-201:  Sociological Perspectives on Latino Communities in the United States (pdf)
Sociol 610-001:  Reproduction of Minority Communities (pdf)
Fall 2013
Sociol 150-001: Multicultural America (pdf)
Sociol 910-001: The Sociology of Inequality (pdf)
Syllabi from Recently Taught Courses
Sociol 150-211:  Multicultural America Summer 2013 (pdf)
Sociol 423-001:  Latino Immigration and Incorporation:  Puerto Rican Diaspora and Settlement Spring 2013 (pdf)

Selected Publications:

Antrop-Gonzalez, Rene F., Garrett, Tomas, and Velez, William. ““What have we learned from our research?: Making sense of the impact of protestant religiosity on the academic achievement of urban Latina/o youth.” International Handbook of Protestant Education Springer. (2012): 417-430.