Sociology PhD Students

Sociology PhD Students

First cohort (2011-12) of the new Sociology PhD Program:  DJ Wolover, C Thompson, M Caldwell, M Pylman and K Jackson

Baran, Stephanie

Bartholomay, Daniel

Caldwell, Mark
Areas of Interest: Urban institutions and racial inequality, critical GIS and knowledge production through mapping mediums, agri-food systems and commodity fetishism, organizational processes and cultural codes within food production schemes. 

Calkins, Thomas
Areas of Interest: Cultural Sociology, specifically the Consumption and Production of Music and Art, Mural production in Northern Ireland, the Intersection of Class and Taste, Social Inequality, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods. 

Coleman, Atiera
Areas of Interest:  Social Inequality, Education (Adolescent Intervention Programs), Race Relations, Intersection of Race and Gender, Quantitative Analysis. 

Collins, Karen
Areas of Interest:  Urban Poverty; Social Inequality; Sociology of Education; Race, Ethnicity, and Class; Residential Segregation; Social Policy; Mass Incarceration.  

Cusatis, Rachel

Ferrell, DaJuan

Jackson, Kenneth
Areas of Interest:  Sociology of Culture and Subculture; Social Stratification; Religion; Deviance, Criminology (theory), and Middle Eastern and North African Societies. 

McCarthy, Matthew
Areas of Interest:  Information Control and its Processes including the Powers and Resistances that Form Around It; Surveillance Studies; Nexus of Smart ID cards and Internet Usage; Digital Divide, specifically at the third level; Political Sociology; Theory. 

Pylman, Maureen
Areas of Interest:  Education (Retention in Higher Education, Transition from Secondary to Post-Secondary Institutions, Schools as Workplaces), Research Methods, Neighborhoods, Friendship, Midwifery/Medicalization. 

Ray-Grover, Teameaka
Areas of Interest: Social Inequality, Research Methods, Urban Inequality, Blacks, Urban Crime, and the Criminal Justice System,  Urban Studies, Social Institutions: Marriage and Family, Qualitative Analysis. 

Renault, Kristin Baybayan

Thompson, Cassandra  

Wolover, David (DJ)
Areas of Interest:  Global & Transnational Sociology, Sociology of Media, Globalization and Citizenship, Technology and Society, Qualitative Methods, Theory