What can I do with Sociology?

People who get a B.A. in Sociology are often employed in the helping professions, in business, and in various public welfare positions, especially those dealing with social programs and their implementation. Only those students who graduate from our M.A. program are employed in jobs with the title "sociologist," since that title requires graduate training.

Career opportunities for students with a degree in sociology include: administration, advertising, banking, counseling (family planning, career, substance abuse, etc.), community planning, health services, journalism, group and recreation work, marketing and market research, sales, teaching, human resources/personnel, social services, and social research.

A sociology minor aids those going into such varied fields as business, counseling, health services, teaching and the social services. People who work in these fields often have to make decisions based on analysis of social trends and phenomena. The minor gives professionals some of the grounding in methodology and technique that they need to do their work.

Here are some web sites that offer information on jobs and careers for sociology majors: