Why Take Sociology?

Many of the pleasures and pains you encounter in life result from the fact that you depend upon others for what you want — parents, friends, employers, musicians, technicians — the list could go on and on. And if you look beyond yourself to the lives of others you cannot help but notice that the same is true for them. At the heart of sociology is the fact of human interdependence. Not only what you want and what you get from others, but also who you are, what you can do, must do, and how much pleasure and pain comes your way, all depend upon these relationships of interdependence. Taking sociology can help you understand the patterns of human interdependence that shape your daily life.

Taking sociology classes will also help you gain important skills. You may learn specific marketable skills, such as how to use statistical software. More generally, you will learn how to engage in critical analysis, an ability that will serve you well no matter what your future career.