Department of Spanish and Portuguese

The mission of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese is:

  • to offer the best instruction in the areas of language, linguistics, literature, and culture at the undergraduate and graduate levels;
  • to foster interest in the Spanish and Portuguese languages and in the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian cultures;
  • to promote the study of those languages and cultures as part of the humanities and other university courses of study.

Through effective communicative instruction, we prepare students to read, speak, write, and understand Spanish and Portuguese. Our course offerings reflect and respond to the diversity of our students, who include: heritage speakers, non-traditional students, professionals in a variety of fields, as well as traditional undergraduates. We encourage students to participate in study abroad programs and second-language activities as a means of improving proficiency.

Faculty are actively engaged in advancing knowledge in their respective areas of expertise and striving to link, in the manner most beneficial for students, critical and scholarly work to classroom instruction and advising activities.

We assume a leadership role in disseminating Hispanic, U.S. Latino, and Luso-Brazilian culture, not only to the campus community but to the Milwaukee area and the state of Wisconsin as well.

The department participates in outreach activities to foster life-long learning for professionals, language instructors and other interested persons in the community. We contribute actively to programming in affiliated organizations, including the ...

If you have questions that are not answered in this document, please feel free to email the Department Chair or contact us at:

Kathy Wheatley, Chair
Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201

tel: (414) 229-4257