Spanish and Portuguese Alumni and Friends

News from you:

In this section, we will be focusing on our alumni--what you're doing, where life finds you, etc. If you would like to send us the information, we’ll make sure that gets added here. In short, we would love to hear from you and certainly hope that you will stay involved with our department. You can also keep up to date about our news and joining our Facebook group!

Ana Börger-Greco (Börger-Reese; M.A., 1972) teaches Spanish and is the Director of the Spanish Graduate Program at Millersville University of PA.

Crystal Dalkin (Szymanski; B.A. Spanish, 2007) is currently working as a Spanish interpreter/translator with Speech Solutions LLC. This particular company is based out of Milwaukee but contracts work from Lake County's Early Intervention Program in Illinois. The Early Intervention program is a government funded program dedicated to providing therapy and other services to children ages 0-3 with developmental delays. As an interpreter, she travels with the therapists to each child's home and works with them and the family during there therapy sessions. Other duties include providing interpretation for therapy, hearing and vision evaluations and some medical appointments. As well, she does written translations for therapy and medical reports as well as for the child's Individualized family service plan.

Opportunities for you:

Thanks to you, the alumni and friends of the Department, we have recently been able to establish a separate budgetary account dedicated solely to student scholarships; this account, in fact, has been set up with restrictions such that it can not be "raided" by anyone else for any other purpose. In short, any money that YOU donate will go automatically to assisting a student achieve her/his goal of obtaining a degree in the Department. By adding together each and every dollar donated for the scholarship fund by our alumni and friends, this endeavor will grow into something much larger than any of us can imagine at the moment—-surprising us all with the financial largesse you are able to achieve as goodwill ambassadors of/to the community. Let me assure you that NO gift is too small; every nickel, dime, and quarter is extremely appreciated!

In these hard, economic times, I am sure that you are acutely aware of the financial need that so many people face, and YOU should feel proud that your generosity has helped us all in making this scholarship account possible. If you would like to increase even further the reach of your donation by issuing a “matching challenge,” I’d be delighted to speak to you about such and publish that information in a subsequent departmental newsletter this coming spring. Of course, larger, long-term gifts are deeply appreciated as well, and I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you concerning such.