Thesis - Comprehensive Exam Flow Chart

  1. Student meets with major professor to discuss thesis topic and other committee members
  2. Student and major professor tentatively agree on thesis topic and committee members
  3. Major professor contacts other potential committee members for agreement to serve on committee as readers.
    1. If other faculty members agree to serve on student's committee, go to step 4.
    2. If other faculty member(s) do not agree to serve on student’s committee, go back to Step one.
  4. Student writes a thesis proposal and circulates to committee members for approval.
  5. After all committee members approve student's thesis proposal, major professor submits thesis proposal to the Department Graduate Studies Committee for approval.
    1. If Graduate Studies Committee approves thesis proposal, go to step 6.
    2. If Graduate Studies Committee does not approve thesis proposal, student meets with major professor in order to address the committee’s concern(s); repeat Step 5.
    3. If Graduate Studies Committee does not approve thesis proposal, student may—with the examination committee's approval—opt to switch to the non-thesis option.
  6. Student begins work on thesis and submits to major professor and other readers as directed.
  7. Upon approval of the written version of the thesis by the major professor and other readers, the student and the thesis committee establish a date for the public, oral defense of the thesis.
  8. The major professor works with the Departmental Office to develop and distribute a flyer announcing the oral defense of the thesis.

Note: All students—whether writing a thesis or not—must pass the M.A. Comprehensive Final Examination. The written portion of those exams may be taken either before or after the student has finished writing their thesis.