Distance/Online Education

Distance learners have unique advising needs because they take most—if not all—of their courses online. Appointments can be conducted via telephone or at satellite locations at some of the UW two-year campuses.

Distance learners may be adults juggling full-time work and family responsibilities or traditional-aged students who find online courses the best solution to meet their educational needs. Advisors for distance learners understand the challenges of being located off of the main campus and provide educational guidance about courses and academic requirements as well as help with self-discipline and motivation necessary for success in an online degree program.

Students must assess whether or not online courses are a good fit for them, and if they can adapt successfully to such a learning platform. There is a readiness quiz students should review prior to taking online classes: www4.uwm.edu/future_students/online/readinessquiz.cfm

Students can visit our Online Programs Page for additional information about online offerings at UWM: www4.uwm.edu/future_students/online/

Many distance learners fall under the "College Connection" online program. More information on the options available through College Connection can be found at http://www4.uwm.edu/collegeconnection/.

Distant Education Advisors

Andy CuneoHolton 157acuneo@uwm.edu
Ian McLaughlinHolton 126mclaughi@uwm.edu
Kimberly HananHolton 129Akimmarie@uwm.edu
Jim KlingbielHolton 149jimk@uwm.edu