Pre-Chiropractic Timeline of Suggested Activities

Freshman Year

Establish strong study skills. Academics must come first!

  • Become familiar with the university and all of the resources available to you.
  • Evaluate your interests and think about the major(s) that you may wish to consider. (Meeting with a Career Counselor may be helpful.)
  • Consider joining a student organization to gain leadership experience.
  • Meet with the Pre-Chiropractic Advisor, Dana Northrup, at least once per semester.
  • Stay focused. Poor performance during freshman year will come back to "haunt" you academically.
  • Consider health-related volunteer opportunities.
  • Begin to research various chiropractic schools. Learn the differences in chiropractic philosophies that may influence your choice of school. Contact chiropractic schools that are of interest to you and request to be placed on their mailing list.

Sophomore & Junior Years

  • Maintain academic focus.
  • Meet with the Pre-Chiropractic Advisor, Dana Northrup, at least once per semester.
  • Apply for the UWM/Columbia-St. Mary's Hospital Integrative Medicine Program mentoring program.
  • Continue involvement with a student organization and/or gain volunteer experience in the community.
  • Take the time to develop relationships with faculty members.
  • Develop an academic plan with your advisor to complete your bachelor's degree requirements.

Senior Year

  • Application to chiropractic school should be done at least one-year in advance. Therefore, you should file your applications for admission early. You will need to provide transcripts from all colleges that you have attended and letters of reference. Chiropractic schools do not require any sort of standardized admissions test. Most have multiple entrance dates each year (e.g. Trimester or quarterly dates).
  • Finish your undergraduate studies.